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Ever since we launched with a large focus on operations in Texas, our team has been looking for new and innovative ways to make the day-to-day lives of truck drivers better. We’ve helped carriers and their drivers haul everything from water to oranges to furniture, and we’ve been blown away by the community’s feedback. Our carriers and their drivers love Uber Freight’s transparency and fast payment.

As more and more motor carriers begin to incorporate Uber Freight into their businesses, our goal is to continue to put them first. To do that, we’re constantly learning — which routes they like to drive, what loads they prefer, and where they want to go — and taking that information to build a better product.

Today we’re announcing two updates that we believe will bring a better freight experience to tens of thousands of drivers: we’re expanding our focus into new markets across the country and introducing personalized load matching.

New launch markets

In the last few months, we’ve heard from drivers that they want more loads in more places. We have a lot of active drivers in Texas (our first launch market), and we are excited to expand our focus around the country to major metros across California, Arizona, the Chicago-Midwest region, Georgia, South Carolina, and North Carolina.

These new areas represent where drivers like to run, which makes sense: these regions including Texas cover over a quarter of the country’s drivers and freight. Unlocking this geography allows more carriers and their drivers to grow their businesses with Uber Freight’s instant load booking and quick payment. While today we still have most of our loads in Texas, over the coming months drivers can expect to see an ever-increasing number of loads available on the app in these new markets.

Personalized load matching

We’ve also heard from drivers that they have specific types of freight they like to haul, and that they don’t want to miss out on great loads while they are driving.

We have built a suite of features that make the app a completely personalized experience. The app will now automatically learn drivers’ preferences based on their past loads, their location, their home base, and more. When a new load is available that matches these preferences, the app will notify the driver so they don’t miss out.

Additionally, over the coming weeks the app will start showing new packs of loads for drivers who prefer local, short haul, or long haul routes. Finally, the ‘For You’ pack will show all of our personalized recommendations. Our recommendations are constantly getting smarter, so drivers will see improvements over time.

The excitement we’ve seen from drivers and shippers alike keeps us focused on innovating in ways that put drivers first. We’ve still got a lot of work to do, but are more excited than ever to deliver on the promise of leveling the playing field for America’s truck drivers.

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