DGPals Roadmap 2.0

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14 min readDec 17, 2022



Within the DGVerse collection, we have minted:

700/2500 Might Jaxx: Creepy Cuties Special Edition (LIVE 17th DEC!)

We have shipped:

  • DGP: New World BETA (A browser V-pet simulator game)
  • DGP: Legends BETA (A browser auto-battler, multi-chain, PVP game)
  • DGPals portal v4.0
  • Dynamic daily rewards system
  • Multi-wallet support
  • Minting support
  • E-store
  • Marketplace integration
  • Native bridging protocol and token exchange protocol

In production : DGP: Adventure, DGP: Merge Defence, DGP: Explorer (working title), Marketplace widgets, Website v5.0, Land NFT and PFP pre-production, and DGP: Dash.

Omirage : The DGPals Board Game (A casual 2–4 players tabletop game) is in its final iteration cycle and scheduled to go live on kickstarter in Q1-Q2 2023.

DGP: Plaza BETA is on schedule to be ready by December 2022, we are holding the release as part of our multi-chain growth hack strategy.

Other milestones:

  • Cronos Accelerator Program Cohort 1 Alumni
  • Mighty Jaxx Partnership : First mainstream brand crossover
  • First dedicated DGPals exclusive side-event @ Token2049 in Singapore
  • First Meet-the-Community event (Co-hosted with Avocado DAO) in Philippines
  • Official partnership with Minted to co-develop tools for web3 gaming.
  • First to meet 21 Million doxxed =)


1) DGPals NFT Collections streamlining

Moving forward, DGPals will be streamlining the DGPals NFT collections and presenting them in a more concise manner to our future DGFriends.

To make things easier for everyone, we will also nickname the collections:
Genesis and Limited Edition = Egg generators
Special Edition = Crates generators

The following collections will play a specific role in the tokenomics as well as gaming utilities in the DGVerse:

Genesis DGPals Collection
The Genesis collection will remain to be the centrepiece collection as we will continue to release daily rewards into the ecosystem in a regulated manner. Holders of the Genesis collections will continue to play the role of onboarding future generations of players into the DGVerse. Genesis holders will also get to enjoy the new art and DGPals through the ‘Reprint’ feature in order to keep the collection exciting and updated (more details below)

Limited Edition DGPals Collection
The Limited Edition collection will remain a tiny and exclusive collection, giving it higher collectors value. Limited in quantity, this collection will be entitled to the most fantastic daily rewards per NFT held. The inspirations for the Limited Edition NFTs will always revolve around celebrations and significant milestones with the DGPals community.

Special Edition DGPals Collection
We often preach that DGPals is a platform that encourages web3 adoption; the Special Edition DGPals collection will be the gateway for real world businesses who wish to break into the web3 space or projects that wish to collaborate with DGPals. DGPals will be dedicating a significant portion of our effort to rope more IPs into our games in 2023. Any crossover is a long term commitment from us because we will ensure that the collab-IPs will be playable in all of the games we build, thus the team will take extra care when formalising a collaboration.

Unlimited Edition DGPals Collection
The Unlimited Edition is meant to be a fun collection where players trade often for gaming reasons. We will also be expanding the Unlimited Edition collection with special collaborations with artists from around the world to create various alternative-art versions of the DGPals NFTs that players will have a chance to mint. We hope to recreate the joy we all get by searching and trading for the alternate-art version of your favourite DGPals. The Unlimited Edition DGPals NFTs will also be instrumental in fuelling the next generation gaming NFTs we will be introducing to the ecosystem, more details below.

ũ̵̩̟̠͚̈́́n̵̛̛̦̹͜r̶͚̗̔̂̿̕ȇ̴̛̛̗͓̋͜v̷̢͉͎̐͜ě̴̤̰̹̩̚a̸̡̼̹͑̓̆̓ͅļ̶̩̞̇̓̕͠e̸̺̘̖̝͋͒ḓ̶̊̉ DGPals Collection
Classified collection created by Heart of Gaea and Soul of Gaea

2) Next generation Gaming NFTs

Here at DGPals, we are always looking to reinforce ‘the web3 experience’ in the games we develop, pushing the boundaries and using NFTs in more meaningful and creative ways. With the recent applications of soul-bound tokens (SBTs) in the space, we are exploring a new class of gaming NFTs where the perception of value is removed from the equation. While players cannot move the NFT from the wallet, it does not mean it cannot generate value for the holders. We are introducing 2 new types of NFTs (1) D-Gaming Pass (DGPass) and the (2) DGVerse Gaming Avatar NFTs.

Sample D.Gaming Pass featuring Boomersquad PFP

1) D-Gaming Pass

The DGPass behaves like a SBT that has multiple utilities in the DGVerse. Before we dive into the concept, here are the characteristics of the DGPass SBT:

  1. You can embed your favourite PFP in the DGPass, a gamer needs his/her avatar.
  2. You can embed your gamer tag in the DGPass.
  3. A very low fee is needed to mint a DGPass, this is to deter unnecessary mass minting and wastages.
  4. You can only mint 1 DGPass per season, each season lasts 2–3 months (subject to changes). Only active season DGPass will receive perks in the DGVerse.
  5. Out of season DGPass will continue to be utilised as gaming NFTs by games.
  6. You level up DGPass, by fusing unlimited DGPals NFT with it (effectively burning it).
  7. The DGPass levels can be raised up to Lv.99, you will unlock exclusive and precious loot and NFTs airdrops at various milestone levels. You can continue to level up Out-of-season DGPasses will continue to unlock these loots and NFTs (Rare and/or exclusive DGEggs and Legendary equipment NFTs included).
  8. At Lv.99, you will unlock a ERC721 token called “Soul of Gaea”. The function of “Soul of Gaea” and the game pass loot list will be released at a later date.

The DGPass can act as a regular gaming pass (a concept we are all familiar with) or it can act as a gaming NFT as it has stats and attributes embedded within that can be utilised by games. Each game in the DGVerse will process your DGPasses differently, some games will allow you to use the highest level DGPass you have in your possession or a combination of DGPasses. For example, with the metadata that is available in the DGPass, a game can use it to generate a character in an RPG game. The game can take the DGPass’s level to unlock a parallel progression track while offering its own native progression system. The DGPass metadata is not meant to restrict the game design, instead, it offers another layer of gamification for game designers to craft different experiences for spending users and F2P players.

The DGPass will also be utilized by other gaming projects that partners with DGPals or are incubated by DGPals’ team.

2) DGVerse Gaming NFTs

The traditional gaming industry has set a high benchmark for what a complete game product should play like, as gamers, the DGPals team will not settle for anything less as well. While the web3 technology for gaming is still in its infancy stage, we will always be experimenting with new models/ways to implement game assets that are worth owning. We have identified a few key pain-points (native to web3) we feel the new generation of gaming NFTs should solve:

A) Disorganised gamer inventory (asset management)

B) Massive off-ramp friction

C) Superficial implementation of NFTs in games

*Inferior game qualities are often tied to inexperienced developers, insufficient funding or unfeasible timeline, of which, the DGPals team has at least 8 years of experiences developing and shipping profitable games*

A) Disorganised Gamer Inventory

The Gaming Avatar NFT is a new type of NFT that has a ‘wallet’ (has a smart contract embedded into it) attached to it. This feature allows game-services to deposit tokens into the Gaming Avatar NFT without bloating up the original wallet with assets. In plain explanation, you can have a gaming character fully decked out with equipment that are all NFTs and holding multiple types of tokens as in-game currencies and it is still just 1 NFT in your main gaming wallet. We are even looking to introduce a ‘Bag’ NFT where players can compile a large amount of NFTs’ metadata into a single NFT and re-mint the NFTs within it at will. Additionally, we believe that this model of implementation will also allow players to build up the value of the NFTs through their own effort in the games instead of solely on the external demand for it or artificial scarcity.

B) Massive off-ramp friction

We do not consider on-ramp a major problem that is stopping gamers from participating in a game with blockchain elements. However, after the game mints an NFT into a player’s account, the player will need to figure out how to get them into their own non-custodial wallets.

C) Superficial implementation of NFTs in games

The DGPass and the Gaming Avatar NFTs, while experimental, will challenge game developers and their technical abilities to weave web3 technology seamlessly into the game experience. Our guiding principles steer us to develop on-chain features that drive the core gaming experience that makes the game uniquely web3;

We do it because we must, not because we can.’.

3) MPC Gaming Wallet

With the recent industry shaking series of events, it is apparent that trust and security are two of the biggest concerns in the web3 space. More details about the MPC Wallet implementation will be announced when the mobile game project DGP: Merge Defence is closer to release.

Marketplace widgets for games linked to Minted.network

Integrated marketplace widgets

We have noticed that there are plenty of notable layer 2 marketplaces that support multiple chains. There isn’t a compelling reason for us to thread down the part of creating our own marketplace, so instead, we have proud to announce our partnership with Minted.network and co-develop the tools to address the issues stated below:

  1. Nobody should have to move between different platforms to manage their gaming assets (buying, selling and trading)
  2. A player should be able to procure a gaming NFT regardless of the chain it resides in with whatever currency is at his/her disposal
  3. NFTs sorting and filtering for games can be uniquely specific from game to game, game developers often resort to building their own marketplaces (spreading their resources thin) just so that they can create an environment where their players can find the right NFTs.

DGPals Marketplace Widget x Minted

Using DGPals as a stepping stone, we are integrating a widget-based marketplace on the platform. Players will be able to perform buying and selling directly from the project’s portal instead of having to navigate between multiple websites. The integrated marketplace listing will be identical to the listing on Minted and trading volume captured by these widgets will be accrued into the collection’s TVL accordingly. Under the hood, we are also looking to integrate an auto-exchange feature where players can purchase NFTs with any tokens they want without the need to swap or bridge anything. Players can select the token they wish to view the prices in and the exchange rate will be calculated live. When we feel that the tool is optimised to a satisfactory level, we will be opening the widget up for any web3 Gaming project to integrate onto their portal. The project owners can customise these widgets to suit their needs accordingly and ultimately, solve the 3 points mentioned above.


When we first minted the 10,000 Genesis DGPals NFTs, we featured our initial 6 DGEggs, Magic, Horror, Marine, Scaly, Flora and Sky eggs. As we continue to develop games and content, we have since introduced 4 more basic egg types into the collection, more will certainly follow in 2023.

We will be introducing a mechanism that allows players to print a new DGPal over any existing Genesis DGPals NFT. The stats, rarity, personality and title (subject to changes) will remain exactly the same but the DGPal and Egg type will be changed into the new type.

E.g. If you are currently holding the following Genesis DGPals NFT, at a $OPL and $DGG cost, you can swap the DGPal into any one of the Space, Elemental, Dino and Nightmare DGPals.

The Genesis DGPals collection will remain at 10,000 in total supply as the original NFT will be consumed to generate the new Genesis DGPal NFT. Only 800 (TBC) of each egg type will be generated. The cost of reprinting a Genesis DGPals NFT will be announced closer to the feature’s release date.


A DGPals PFP collection and DGVerse Land NFT collection have been in development for a couple of months now. While we are not ready to share more about these 2 NFT collections, we can safely say that:

  1. We will be making the PFP purchasable as part of the new Investor-class NFT collection.
  2. We will have a dedicated mobile game project that uses the Land NFT exclusively and Land NFTs will have utilities in Legends, Plaza and Adventure.


DGVerse Game #5 — DGP: Adventure

DGP: Adventure is a browser game that is in development and scheduled for release in March 2023. You can expect epic battles between a few hundred DGPals repelling the nightmare forces looking to terrorise Panterra, the most organised clan will prevail and prosper from the resource rich unknown island.

The core experience is to allow clans to organise themselves and defeat challenges, gather resources to build up their settlement in a newly discovered island. 2 new egg types, Dino and Nightmare eggs, will be released together with the game.

DGVerse Game #6 — DGP: Merge Defence

The DGPals tower defence will be the first full fledged mobile title that will be released under the DGPals IP. It is a merge tower defence that offers single player, player vs player and co-op style tower defence mechanics featuring the DGPals characters.

On its own, the game is designed as a Free-to-play game you can download from the app store, additionally there will be blockchain elements that enhance the experiences for token holders in the DGVerse ecosystem. The DGPals Merge Defence game is a highly anticipated product for both gamers and investors alike because (1) it is a popular genre with high monetisation potential (players can expect the full glory of a polished and fun mobile experience) and (2) it will be the first time the DGPals team will be experimenting with a blockchain supported investment model for retail investors to invest into the future of the mobile games. What this means is that we are offering a regular gamer the opportunity to invest in a mobile game and have a share of the revenue in a very transparent and structured format.

We are currently building the underlying infrastructure to facilitate this new investment model for the DGPals Tower Defence mobile game product, we have the plan to extend the coverage to all other game studios and game projects vetted and approved by the DGPals team and be made available for retail investors to invest into these project to enjoy the future revenue share. More details of the structure will be announced in Q2-Q3 2023.

DGVerse Arcade Game #1 — DGP: Dash

DGP: Dash is a small arcade game that was developed by one of our own sister game studios. We love the game so much that we will decide to turn it into a simple game for DGFriends to enjoy on the browser.

DGP-Partner Game #1 — CODENAME SWIFT

Project SWIFT is the first 3rd party game studio that will be utilising DGPals gaming NFTs to create an original game product using the ‘brawl-stars-like’ game engine they have developed. The game is developed in 3D using the Unity game engine, the MVP will be ready by Q2 2023.

DGP-Partner Game #2 — CODENAME LFG

Project LFG is a rogue-like, dungeon crawler, multiplayer RGP browser/mobile game. More information about the game will be revealed in Q3 2023 onwards.

6) Existing DGVerse Games

DGP : New World

Right now, DGP: New World serves a singular purpose of converting DGEggs to DGPals NFTs; this function will remain available for everyone for the time being. The planned feature list for New World has been proposed to fit in DGP: Plaza instead. At some point, New World will be a gateway for visitors to take a look at the game (some modification to existing games may occur) and committed players will be led to DGP: Plaza to further their adventure into Panterra.

DGP : Legends

The competitive experience for DGP: Legends still has a long way to go as far as the intended feature list goes. Whatever we have experienced in 2022 is just the tip of the iceberg, similarly to all good games, you can expect the game to challenge the players in PVE and PVP mode (Single player PVP, Clan level PVP and Chain level PVP). There will also be crafting, consumables, and exclusive DGPals NFTs and equipment NFTs to be obtained through the competitive game modes.

While the game is still ‘light’, it will remain on browsers for as long as possible because we believe it is the ease of access that made Legends that much more enjoyable.

DGP : Plaza

DGP: Plaza is a PC game (Mac and Windows) on schedule for 2022, however we are holding back the launch as part of our macro-strategy to launch the game in conjunction with our effort to break into the Polygon gaming community. Intended to be a social hub, players can mingle, trade, farm and quest together, building up their homes and more.

Omirage: DGPals Board Game

Omirage was scheduled to be released in Q3 2022. We deliberately moved the launch further down the roadmap due to the following considerations: (1) Macro market situation was not great, (2) global logistical situation was greatly affected by the war, production and fulfilment costs of physical goods were greatly affected, (3) due to point one and two, we wanted the very experienced Taiwanese art team, who joined us in July, to take a stab at designing a more beautiful game and lastly (4) we are confident of the quality of the game and we just want to launch it in a timeframe where we can focus on building traffic and creating greater exposure for the DGP community.

7) $DGG Token-generation-event (TGE)

$DGG TGE is likely scheduled to happen sometime in Q2 2023. 2% of the total supply will be put up for public sale. More details of the TGE will be released at a later date. After the TGE, the primary means of obtaining more $DGG is by spending $OPL in the DGVerse. Players will receive 1 $DGG for every 2500 $OPL (Subject to changes) spent in the DGVerse. Players who have already spent $OPL in 2022, will receive the corresponding $DGG at a later date.

$DGG Defi Utilities

At launch, holders can immediately participate in liquidity pool yield farming.

LP Staking will also unlock $DGG token bonds where players can purchase more $DGG at the stipulated bond price. More information will be announced closer to the release of the token.

$DGG Gaming Utilities

  1. Stake for daily rewards — Various tiers of $DGG will unlock a new daily rewards calendar for holders. The daily rewards may contain rare and valuable items/NFTs that will require tremendous luck or time to obtain.
  2. Exclusive content — There are a series of items that are only purchasable using $DGG




D.G.Pals is an interoperable multi-genre, multi-chain NFT GameFi Project