ELTCOIN Lunar News: 17.3.18 🌕

Dear ELTCOIN community, we’re super excited to share this Lunar Update on our progress since February.

TL;DR: In an effort to reach more exchanges, we have joined forces with BLUE to launch the Airdrop Alliance. The Airdrop Alliance will pool resources from a handful of Airdrop tokens to

raise funds to list on new exchanges. The Apollo app which features ELTCOIN, is making excellent progress on Android with a launch penciled in for April (more information below). PocketBook github.com/ELTCOIN/PocketBook. We have also made updates to the ELTCOIN white paper to clarify strategy for ELTCARD.

Listing on exchanges and the Airdrop Alliance

As ELTUniverse positions itself for exponential growth, utility in PocketBook initially via staking ELTCOIN. ELTCARD a parallel strategy to ensure ELTCOIN has sufficient liquidity to meet market demand.

Apollo is an important part of our strategy in the medium to long term, however in the short term we are building a pipeline of leads to get ELTCOIN listed on more exchanges. Listing applications to exchanges often have a turnaround time of a number of weeks, so we expect to start hearing back from dozen or so exchanges soon. As we lay out our strategy below please note we are not able to specify exchanges by name as we negotiate the listing.

Approximately a quarter of these exchanges do not have listing fees, however some charge fees north of $50,000, so in order for us to raise capital and increase bargaining power we have teamed up with BLUE to form the Airdrop Alliance. The Alliance will pool resources from 3–4 airdrop token communities to raise the requisite funds to list on these exchanges. We are excited to announce our first collaboration in this regard, over the coming weeks.


As the private beta testing for Apollo on iOS continues with the team across Europe and North America the Android version is catching up with iOS and is sporting a brand new design! The design and UX has been updated from some of the user feedback we get during our private beta testing. At this rate we expect the public beta for Apollo to be ready for both iOS and Android at the same time in April.

ELTCOIN is one of three cryptocurrencies (with ETH and BTC) that is featured in Apollo, so with the significant war chest for marketing spend behind Apollo we expect a significant increase in exposure for ELTCOIN and a list in trade volume.

Apollo new UI preview


We’re building the world’s first decentralised trustless human network. Pocketbook is a platform where your address is your identity, your trading partners the people around you.

The anonymous nature of the internet makes trust hard to come by, forcing us to rely on our banks, ISPs and DNS providers to prove that we are who we say we are. Corporations are implicitly trusted with vast swathes of our personal information, and offer us little control over how it is used or shared.

We instead present a distributed network of individuals who can corroborate the reliability of those whom they know, forming a web of connections that allows even unrelated users to determine whether or not to trust each other through the relationships that link them together.

Ethereum smart contracts already allow for the exchange of assets on-chain without needing any participant to trust each other, but transactions can also take place partially off-chain, where, for example, the physical receipt of assets may need to be confirmed. Such interactions nessistate an exchange of trust between users. Escrow contracts present a decentralised mechanism for the release of funds, but some risk inevitably remains. To mitigate this, users present each other with positive or negative trust scores dependent on the outcome of the transaction, and the reciprocal power that this affords disincentives bad actors.

The core focus of Pocketbook is control over your network. Proving that you own your address grants you access to your public page, where you can choose to share as much or as little metadata as you like. This metadata is optionally encrypted, viewable only by members of your network whom you have personally chosen to trust. Full multichain support allows you to transact your crypto assets across every EVM (Ethereum-based) chain.

We will shortly be launching our new website, pocketbook.network, showcasing our whitepaper presenting the complete vision for PocketBook along with a project roadmap and more info on PocketBook for iOS and Android, dropping very soon.

In other news…

HODL.VC, a ELTCOIN HODLER which stakes ELTCOIN in its ventures, had its founder Ivan Soto-Wright broadcast live from the trading floor of the NYE Stock exchange this month. If you missed the clip you can watch it here.

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