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How To Add Custom Name Server On Google Domains.

Add Custom Name Server On Google Domains.

Add Custom Name Server On Google Domains

Hey, My Name is Rajdeep Singh. In This Article, I’m Tell You How To Add Custom Name Server On Google Domains.

Recently, I Purchase Domain On Google Domains. Google Domains Provide Sevices Like Godaddy. You Easily Purchase Domain With Google Domains.

Most Important When You Purchase Domain with Google. You Are Verify On Webmaster, Adsense, Google Tag Manager, and Google Analytics. Because Google Verify Your Domain Automatic make Sure Your Email Account Same

My Domain Register In Google Domains. So I Open My Google Domain Dashboard. Enter New Name Sarver Provide By Google.

Goto > https://domains.google.com/registrar/

Google Domain Dashboard
Google Domain Dashboard
  • Your Domain Dashboard Look Like. Click To Your Domain.
Google domain
Click DNS Tab
  • When Click DomainName. After Click DNS Tap
Add Custom Name Servers
Add Custom Name Servers
  • Open Your DNS Page. Click on use custom name Servers Button
You Success Full Add Name Server
You Success Full Add Name Server
  • After Paste Your Name Server Which You Copy On GCP Account.

Note :

When You use Domain With Google Cloud Platform. Your Name Servers Change Instantly.




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