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The Best Way to Watch Anime with FREE on the internet

Hey, I’m an anime lover, frontend developer, and technical writer. I clear say I love anime, and I watch lots of anime in my life. As an anime lover, I try lots of platforms to watch anime. In India, mostly anime series platform is paid. New media have been raised to provide free anime with limited services. There are several reasons why India produce and launch very low anime for adult. Why that and what happened in India. The answer is straightforward. Because the anime community in India is a minimal amount compared to other countries. But in recent years, the anime community has been rising with a very high number in India. That is why anime demand is very high.

The Best Ways to Watch Anime with FREE on the internet
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In India, many channels provide Kodomomuke anime for children. If you are adult-like me. Defiantly you do not see any child cartoons on TV all day.

There is no way to watch anime in India without giving money. As a developer, I try many methods to watch anime in India, which I discuss in an article. If you agree or not, let me know in the comment section.

I give you the best advice to watch anime in India. If you live in India, you agree with and follow three websites to watch anime.

Make sure you are an anime lover and live in India, and you like anime in Hindi dubbed. Then I also recommended you to follow my step but make sure in the Hindi language; anime content is shallow. Suppose you watch anime in Hindi. I suggest following my four steps for mobile, PC, laptop, and desktop users.

  1. Youtube
  2. Dailymotion
  3. Google Search
  4. Browser


Youtube is an excellent platform for anime lovers. There are tons of anime available on it. Suppose you like watching anime in the Hindi language. Then youtube is also an excellent option for you. Suppose you follow a youtube channel that provides you with anime in Hindi. But all channel is unofficial channel, and the audio quality is also not good.

You also follow the anime explanation channel if you do not like anime in Japanese or English language. In case you wait some time, maybe you find anime with full-season episodes or some time not found, and some time you find half-complete anime series. But there are several channels. Perhaps other youtube also explains anime on their channel. Make sure you take patience and wait.

If you like watching anime in English dubbed then youtube is an deep Ocean for you. Many channels provide anime, some official channels, and some unofficial channels. But In English, you see all episodes all season. But there does not explain all anime; it presents some anime. Which anime response is high that channel dubbed higher demand anime. That reason finds anime on youtube depends on your luck. If your luck is good, you watch all anime episodes. Otherwise, you see a 404 error not found anime.


Daily motion is a more straightforward platform like youtube. But is the common difference is that Dailymotion does not provide anime in the Hindi language because Indian user does not use Dailymotion.

Suppose you like anime in English, that time Dailymotion for you. Dailymotion provides lots of anime in English dubbed. On Dailymotion, my experience is excellent. Every Dailymotion creator provides exceptional quality video and audio of the user. Dailymotion works the same as youtube. Youtube contains a very high number of users, and Dailymotion user space is a lass.


When I start finding anime on the internet, I follow three steps. The first step I go on youtube, and when youtube does not provide a full anime episode, then Dailymotion provides you. in the last one, I go on google and try to find anime full episode.

Google Search

Google Search is a god gift sent by God for anime lovers. If you like, you try to google search lots of times to find anime. In 99%, you find anime with full episodes; otherwise, your luck is not good today.


The browser plays a vital role in watching anime. Many people never think out of the box and change their browser to watch anime.

I teach you how to use the browser to watch anime?

Google search provides you with tons of websites. Most websites shown in the search result are free to watch anime by users. Suppose you use chrome browser or firefox and some other similar browser to watch anime. That is also fine. But I’m trying to change your experience when you watch anime.

Suppose you watch anime; you click a link after redirecting to another page, after redirecting you to and start automatically downloading an app and other software. The time user face lots of trouble. That experience I try to change in this article.

Then you understand the problem; your browser plays a vital role in watching anime.


Next time you watch anime on mobile, you use a brave browser. It is a similar browser to chrome and firefox. But is one thing that is not similar that is automatically ads blocker. Brave browse stops all third-party ads in the browser, and you watch anime very smoothly.

You also use sumsung mobile, samsung also provide somsung brwser for sumsung mobile. In the Samsung mobile browser, you install addons(extension) like the google chrome extension to stop ads. But Google provides an extension service on desktop and tablet devices. It does not support mobile that reason I recommended using brave and Samsung browsers to watch anime very smoothly with a google search.


You watch anime on your desktop, PC, and laptop. Then you use any browser you like and are currently installed on the machine. But one thing makes sure you use an ads blocker extension on the browser. There are many extensions built by a developer you search on google based on your browser and install in your browser. Now you see, your anime watch experience is changing. You do not see any ads on the website.

You also install the brave browser on the laptop. That also helps you and does not need any third-party extension installed in your browser.


I hope you understand the problem and follow my step to watch free anime and not pay money on Netflix and Crunchyroll app. It would help if you had a browser and started watching anime.

This method is a one-drop back. That is, we do not support anime creators. Because when watching anime on another site. There is no official site. The website uses a piracy version of anime, uploads on the website, and adds bad ads like porn and unsafe ads.



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