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Royale & Bonded Collaborate To Target Growth Opportunities in Blockchain Finance

The aphorism “great minds think alike” is clearly expressed in Royale’s newest partnership with De-Fi protocol-based platform, Bonded. These two entities have bonded over the desire to democratize finance, provide easier access to capital and enhance liquidity. Royale and Bonded will explore solutions with regards to the aforementioned ideas and investigate new financial opportunities for their users by leveraging Bonded’s Ionic Loan Protocol.

The Bonded Finance Platform

Today, many open finance platforms and financial market places operate under heavily flawed and outdated mechanisms that propagate problems like distorted asset values and interest rates, snail-paced loan fulfilment, poor exposure of digital assets in lending markets, and many other issues.

Bonded was created to address these problems by deploying high-yield smart contracts and advanced financial instruments to de-risk and unlock the hidden potential of untapped digital assets. Since several digital assets are currently hidden from lending markets, Bonded algorithmic mechanisms will help bring these assets to light and grant them access to borrowing and lending services.

Royale & Bonded: A Force For Growth

Royale and Bonded both share similar goals; we are both focused on the growth of our various industries. While Royale is concentrating on the gaming niche, Bonded has its eyes set on open finance. With growth as the unifying factor, there is room for collaboration. By taking advantage of Bonded’s Ionic Loan Protocol, new opportunities become available for Royale’s royalety. These include:

  • Easier access to capital resources
  • Borrowing and lending $ROYA
  • Increasing ROYA demand and controlling scarcity
  • Capacity for users to earn liquidity incentives and BOND tokens

Our Royale Kings and Queens will also be provided with access to earning potential in upcoming products as well as the opportunity to earn rewards by holding their precious $ROYA tokens. With the Royale and Bonded partnership, the barrier for entry into the gaming niche is reduced further, making it easier for startups to penetrate the iGaming space with the backing of a well-grounded and stable ecosystem that facilitates an increase in earning power, provides better liquidity accessibility and other sustainable benefits.

“The business of wagering is about as old guard and guarded as centralized finance. Royale as liquidity facilitator and provider for igaming entrepreneurs clearly stands out as needed. I applaud anyone who rethinks legacy business where deep pockets reign and control but the Royale model is notably forward looking. Bonded is thrilled to have them on board and looks forward to future collaborations.” Paul Mak, CEO Bonded Finance

“Royale’s mission to lower financial barriers to entry for capital and liquidity in the iGaming industry strengthens with our Bonded partnership. The ability to borrow and lend ROYA via the Ionic Loan Protocol opens up even more capital and liquidity opportunities to serve the kingdom for our Royale Kings and Queens” Matt Armstrong, Royale COO

About Royale Finance 👑

Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralised lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of iGaming products and platforms. The combination of iGaming returns, uncorrelated to DeFi crypto assets but powered by base layer DeFi protocols, we call iGDeFi.

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