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First Royale Meme Contest

Are you a talented and passionate meme creator? Then, we have something special for you — the Royale Meme Contest! Participate and stand a chance to win a fabulous prize.

Royale Finance is pleased to announce the first Meme contest where everyone has an equal chance to win our coveted prizes. All you have to do is to combine your creativity with humor to produce a meme related to ROYA token or Royale Finance gamification and DeFi ecosystem.

All what we are looking for are unique, original, quality and telling memes, laced with humor to put smiles on our community as we go towards the festive season.

The top 10 memes will receive rewards from the 10000 ROYA prize pool.

Rules and Requirements

  • The meme should contain the word(s) ROYA or Royale Finance
  • 1 meme per participant, quality over quantity
  • Follow our Twitter, Medium and Discord
  • Retweet the announcement tweet
  • Tweet a Royale Finance related MEME or GIF, Tag 2 friends
  • Upload you Meme in Discord channel
  • Join our Telegram Group & Announcement Channel
  • Like and Retweets our post (ensure to tag at least 2 friends)
  • As a creator, you are responsible for avoiding any copyright infringements. Royale Finance shall not be liable for any copyright issues.

Selection of winners

The Royale Finance team will select the winners, based on the quality, uniqueness and originality of the memes.

Winners will be announced on our Discord channel.

Duration of the contest

The contest runs from the 7th to 27th of December 2021.

Details of the prizes

  • First place winner — 2000 ROYA
  • Second place winner — 1750 ROYA
  • Third place winner — 1500 ROYA
  • Fourth place winner — 1000 ROYA
  • Fifth place winner — 1000 ROYA
  • Sixth place winner — 750 ROYA
  • Seventh place winner — 750 ROYA
  • Eighth place winner — 500 ROYA
  • Ninth place winner — 500 ROYA
  • Tenth place winner — 250 ROYA

Winners will receive the reward in ROYA tokens.

Terms and conditions

  • All users are welcomed to participate in the contest
  • All winners will be announced within 7 business days.
  • Your content should be ethical and comply with all local laws and regulations. Please do not post anything that may promote illegal actions, racism, hateful practices or may damage the brand of Royale Finance
  • By joining this contest, all participants have agreed to provide Royale Finance the right to use, reproduce, reprint, distribute, perform and/or display the participants’ memes without further compensation or notices to the participants.
  • Royale Finance reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice.
  • The final decision pertaining to the winners belongs to Royale Finance.

About Royale Finance. Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralized lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 decentralized liquidity funding solutions using DeFi primitives to support the innovation of gaming products and platforms.

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