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June 2021 Royale Update

📣 Hear-Ye! Hear-Ye!
Kings & Queens, it's been a loaded month!

The royale team has been working tirelessly to bring you the latest developments and freedoms.

Here are some highlights : 👀

  • Polygon Web App & Bridge Launch
  • Polygon Kingdom Drop
  • DFYN Partnership & Yield Farming Launch
  • DeFi11 Partnership
  • Feature: eSatoshi Club, Royale review
  • Royale #1 : Top 11 Polkastarter IDOs by Relative Liquidty Ratio (RLR)
  • Consistent StableCoin LP Rewards (RPT Staking)

Read on to learn more…

Polygon Web App & Bridge Go Live 🔥

Royale first announced on 10th June, that we were expanding to Polygon & that testing had commenced.
On June 14th, the Royale upgrade was deployed :

✔️Users are now able to bridge from Ethereum to Polygon Network and take advantage of the networks super low fees.

🎬 Below is our video tutorial on how to bridge from Ethereum to Polygon Network (MATIC) 👇

Polygon Kingdom Drop 👑

The Kingdom Celebrations Commenced!

To celebrate the Polygon deployment, we launched the Polygon Kingdom Drop on June 16th :

✔️Users of the Royale app on Polygon Network are able to grab their slice of 200,000 ROYA & $10,000 MATIC. 🔥

DFYN Partnership & Yield Farming Launch 🚜

A Partnership between us and DFYN Exchange has given ROYA holders additional freedoms to farm on Polygon network.
On June 15th, the ROYA / DFYN farming pool went live under “Dual Farms”.
☀️This is set to run from 15th June for 60 Days.

✔️Holders of ROYA & DFYN are able to farm both ROYA & DFYN tokens on Polygon Network.

DeFi11 Partnership 🤝

DeFi11 is the world’s first DeFi powered fully decentralised gaming ecosystem for fantasy sports, prediction markets, sports betting & NFT gaming.
Some collaborative areas that will be explored are :

  • Joint Liquidity Pool
  • Joint NFT Collection Events
  • Royale Liquidity Optimization Program

eSatoshi Club : Royale Feature ✒️

Royale was featured by eSatoshi Club on their website, Publish0x & Medium.

Royale #1: Top 11 Polkastarter IDOs by Relative Liquidty Ratio 🏆

Cryptolaxy featured a TOP 11 Polkastarter IDOs by Relative Liquidity Ratio (RLR).

Royale took TOP slot! 🎉🎉

Consistent StableCoin LP Rewards (RPT Staking)

Another month of consistent StableCoin Rewards, barely dropping below 200% APY.
Of course, there are now 2 networks available for StableCoin LP & RPT Staking, with 2 different APY’s!

If you don't already have Polygon added to your Metamask, you can follow this process :

Be sure to check out both networks and find the right fit for you!

A word from the Team

We hope you are enjoying the regular upgrades and expansion of the Royale network as much as we are! It's been a busy month, we have a LOT more in the pipeline.
Be sure to follow us on social media to be informed of updates and advancements.

To aid in the growth of the Royale realm, please consider 👏 clapping as much as you like below and sharing on social media.

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Royale is a decentralised industry-focused lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of Gaming products and platforms.

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