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Royale Finance 2021: Crushing Roadmap Goals & Hitting New Milestones!

With the current chapter of 2021 coming to an end, we would like to take a look back at the events of 2021 and share with you the progress made as a platform and community.

Royale Finance has had several highlights and hit new milestones throughout the year. We have accomplished a lot in 2021, from securing strategic partnerships and the launch of our mainnet to our successful platform overhaul and transition into the Play-to-Earn / Metaverse space.

In light of this, let’s take a closer look at how the year 2021 went for the Royale Finance Kingdom.

Royale Finance Annual Review

Q1: January 2021 — March 2021

  • ROYA debuted its presence with a listing on the CEX, Bithumb Global, an international crypto-exchange platform that has dominated the Asian markets.
  • Partnership with AU21 Capital
  • e-Money, an Innovative Electronic Payment System, partners with Royale Finance for stablecoin liquidity provision.
  • Royale Finance also joined forces with BetProtocol.
  • Royale also partnered with MANTRA DAO.
  • Royale sets price data transparency, privacy, and security standards with partnerships with API3, SpiderDAO, Immunefi, and CyberFi.

Q2: April 2021 — June 2021

  • Royale Finance went live on DeFi farming pool, Unifarm and partnered with Sheesha to provide profitable staking apparatus.
  • Royale also debuted its NFTs with the Royale Queen of Queens launch.
  • We announced the beginning of the Testnet Program. Its success followed up with the Web 3.0 Mainnet V1.0 Launch.
  • Royale Finance expanded further with a strategic partnership with Polygon (MATIC), going live on the Polygon network.

Q3: July 2021 — September 2021

  • Royale issued its first commercial loan to drive iGaming innovation by onboarding our first iGaming company.
  • We later secured a partnership with Raze Network to integrate privacy features into the Royale ecosystem, ensuring that Royale Finance operates congruently with the tenets of decentralization.
  • Royale Pool & Staking TVL reaches Over $2.5 Million.
  • Royale Finance organized more strategic partnerships/hires in preparation to become an IGO Launchpad.
  • Platform, UI, and UX updated to commemorate the move towards the Initial Game Offering (IGO) phase.

Q4: October 2021 — December 2021

  • Royale Finance presents Submit Your Game” for game developers seeking Royale Finance’s launchpad and liquidity provision services.
  • Royale & Mimir struck a partnership to help democratize P2E, making it accessible for the masses.
  • We announced the promised Reward Drop For Queen NFT Holders!
  • Royale Finance Introduced the Royale Ambassadors Program for budding developers, tech writers, content creators, influencers, crypto and blockchain enthusiasts.
  • Royale Finance announced another partnership with Pollinate to empower and incentivize creators.
  • Royale introduced the first Royale Meme Contest for talented and passionate meme creators.

Looking Towards The New Year…

Considering everything we have accomplished in 2021, we are well on track to transforming Royale Finance into the go-to blockchain game accelerator and IGO launchpad. As we look forward to 2022, expect further platform developments, expansions, and partnerships. We will announce our roadmap plans for 2022 in an update shortly, so stay tuned.

About Royale Finance 👑

Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralized lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 decentralized liquidity funding solutions using DeFi primitives to support the innovation of gaming products and platforms.

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