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Royale has hit over $1,000,000 Total Value locked (TVL)on Polygon Network & Ethereum 🎉

The TVL (Totale Value Locked) for all pools and staking on the Royale App (Polygon & Ethereum) has reached over $1 million.

This includes the following metrics on ETH & Polygon :

  • StableCoin Liquidity ( $USDC, $USDT & $DAI)
    - Currently getting 200–400% APY when the LP token “RPT” is staked
  • ROYA Reserve Staking (Stake your ROYA)
    - Currently getting 21–47% APY
  • ROYA Staking Lots (Stake your ROYA in Lots, Queen, King or Flush)
    - Getting regular $USDC rewards

👑Network Breakdown :

Ethereum Layer 2 — Polygon Network

Since our expansion into the Polygon Realm we have seen growth and new users in the Royale ecosystem.
Kings & Queens on Polygon have been enjoying high APYs for Stablecoin LP/Staking, with super low fees.

Here are the current Polygon Network Stats for the Royale App :

The expansion into Polygon Netowrk (MATIC) was a much needed addition to the ecosystem. We strive to offer ROYA holders additional freedoms in the DeFi Space and this Ethereum Layer 2 solution was crucial.

The First Kings & Queens Were Born — Ethereum

Ethereum being the platform that Royale first launched on, has shown continued usage & growth.
Currently there are 3 million ROYA locked up, earning in the ROYA Reserve & in Staking lots with holders of Queen, King & Flush.

Whats Next?

With further expansion on the horizon into the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) realm, the possibilities are endless!
BSC is one of the most actively used networks that there is. This is where our next expansion focus sits.
Watch this space for updates on this expansion. It won’t be long before we are back here announcing full integration and incentives on Binance Smart Chain!

What does the future hold for Royale? — GameFi / Play To Earn

Last month Royale issued our first loan to a gaming company. This was a seminal moment. Stablecoin LPs & Staking Lot holders will benefit from ongoing staiblity fee payments by the company receiving the loan(in addition to the existing Curve vault strategy)
We recognize the emerging trend in the GameFi / Play To Earn space and are here to support companies in this field. The future of Royale will be in fully supporting these upcoming projects as the space emerges and unfolds.
Stablecoin LPs & Staking Lot holders are set to benefit from this, as will the Royale ecosystem as a whole.

Expect an article on GameFi / PlayToEarn soon..

If you know someone that is launching a GameFi / Play To Earn project, then please ask them to get in touch —

To aid in the growth of the Royale realm, please consider 👏 clapping as much as you like below and sharing on social media.

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Royale is a decentralised industry-focused lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of Gaming products and platforms.

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