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Royale joins forces with CyberFi for Advanced DeFi Automation Tools

We are proud to announce an exciting new partnership with CyberFi — pioneers of DeFi 2.0!

CyberFi’s new-gen DeFi infrastructure seamlessly manages trading, farming, liquidity pooling, yield analytics all within a single Intelligent Trading & Automation Platform (ITAP). The CyberFi ITAP is packed with features to help navigate and overcome common obstacles in the DeFi space, lowering barriers to entry with a simplistic and intuitive user experience built on a high-tech automation infrastructure layer.

The world of decentralisation has opened a plethora of financial opportunities but certain vital trading and automation features can be found within centralised exchanges only. For example, without the ability to implement basic stop-losses or profit-taking orders, users are left open to additional volatility risk.

From automatic order execution to impermanent loss mitigation strategies, CyberFi aims to reduce such crypto management risks. With multi-chain trading automation capabilities on the roadmap, users will also be able to manage assets on a variety of networks, complimenting Royale’s recent move to build a cross-chain compatible ecosystem.

Our Royale Kings and Queens will soon benefit from Royale Web 3.0 App integration with CyberFi’s Asset Management Platform, adding even more Royale yield opportunities to the Royale EcoSystem. Similarly users from CyberFi’s Asset Management, Samurai Launchpad and Stakepad Fusion platforms will have access to Royale’s various staking and liquidity facilities.

“I’m a big-fan of the iGaming industry and believe that the solution that Royale is providing will be game-changing. Bringing our forces together to allow CyberFi users to access solutions from Royale will be an amazing add to both of our ecosystems.” Geralt, CyberFi CEO

“Once integrated into Royale, the CyberFi team’s groundbreaking automation and portfolio management suite will facilitate an even smoother transition for iGaming players breaking into the DeFi space. We look forward to the addition of new liquidity and staking options that will arise from the relationship.” Avron Goss, CSO

About CyberFi: An Intelligent DeFi Automation Platform

CyberFi’s mission is to bring the DeFi 2.0 experience and add a new infrastructure layer through Automation. Users of our platform will experience zero-stress, automated DeFi trading, farming and yield generation, smaller fees, and tools for Impermanent Loss mitigation.



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About Royale Finance 👑

is an industry-focused decentralised lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of iGaming products and platforms. The combination of iGaming returns, uncorrelated to DeFi cryptoassets but powered by base layer DeFi protocols, we call iGDeFi.

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