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5 min readMar 3, 2022


Following the launch of our Royale Finance IGO Launchpad, we are proud to announce the unveiling of Royale Finance’s tier system in anticipation of onboarding upcoming IGOs. This new tier system is an updated version of our previous tiers and highlights the changes we have made in line with our rebranding.

The Royale New Tier System

There are five new tiers in the new Royale Finance ranking system. Each level comes with different benefits and specific entry requirements. The tiers are in ascending order starting from Tier 1 till Tier 5. The higher your tier is the more allocation you can contribute during an IGO and the higher your chance will be to get whitelisted for an IGO.

We will be adopting a lottery-based allocations system, in which each tier has access to participate in its respective slot. As each tier gives you a ticket to participate with, you can increase your chances by staking more ROYA and getting multiple tickets. Below you can find the structure starting from Tier 1 to Tier 5.

  • Settler: requires 1,000 ROYA to be staked, gets access to 10% of the total allocation.
  • Merchant: requires 5,000 ROYA to be staked, gets access to 15% of the total allocation.
  • Knight: requires 10,000 ROYA to be staked, gets access to 20% of the total allocation.
  • Archon: requires 50,000 ROYA to be staked, gets access to 25% of the total allocation.
  • Monarch: requires 250,000 ROYA to be staked, gets access to 30% of the total allocation.

It is also worth mentioning that these allocation percentages are not set in stone. The number of people within a specific tier may affect the percentage of total allocation a tier receives.


As part of the Royale rebranding process, we have replaced the previous version of tiers with the new ones.

  • Queen -> Knight
  • King -> Archon
  • Royale flush -> Monarch

Be aware that if you have already purchased the Queen tier or any other legacy tiers, you will still have access to them. However, they will be under the new brand names.

Tier System Mechanics

Settler: One Settler Ticket is allocated for each 1,000 ROYA staked.

Merchant: One Merchant Ticket is allocated for each 5,000 ROYA staked.

Knight: One Knight Ticket is allocated for each 10,000 ROYA staked.

Archon: One Archon Ticket is allocated for each 50,000 ROYA staked

Monarch: One Monarch Ticket is allocated for each 250,000 ROYA staked.

Example with Game using Royale Launchpad for $100,000

  • 150 Settlers Stakers — 1,000 ROYA Staked per individual
  • 100 Merchant Stakers — 5,000 ROYA Staked per individual
  • 80 Knight Stakers — 10,000 ROYA Staked per individual
  • 50 Archon Stakers — 50,000 ROYA Staked per individual
  • 25 Monarch Stakers — 250,000 ROYA Staked per individual

How To Participate

Participation in the tier IGO Launchpad is easy. All you have to do is stake the required amount of ROYA, complete the safelists steps including social tasks, and KYC. All interested parties should note that ONLY tiers acquired via the BSC network can participate in the IGO.

To get started, you need to:

  1. Connect a Crypto Wallet to the Royale Launchpad.
  2. Stake ROYA tokens.
  3. Choose IGO to participate.
  4. Verify your identity.
  5. Submit a whitelisting request.

Tier utility

Tier utility will be the most crucial aspect in the IGO in terms of our community participation in the launchpad. Tier utility will give purpose to our community with the launchpad and provide a sense of decentralization.

The following are the exclusive benefits you will receive by having a tier:

  • Submit whitelist applications and join IGO pools on Royale Launchpad

One of the core utilities of our tiers is the access you’ll be able to get to join some of the hottest blockchain games coming to the play-to-earn/metaverse space. By purchasing ROYA and staking it, you’ll get a tier, and you’ll be able to get a chance to get whitelisted for all our upcoming IGOs launching on the Royale Launchpad.

  • Receive a distribution of IGO tokens in the form of a lottery

We believe in making the launchpad as impartial as possible. Hence, we are deploying a fair algorithm for the selection process, giving every participant a chance to get an allocation of IGO tokens via the lottery. Every staked ROYA placed on the line will count as one lottery ticket. Every time you stake ROYA via our launchpad, you will earn a ticket. The number of tickets you get depends on how much ROYA you staked and your chosen tier. Staking more ROYA increases your lottery tickets, which improves the chances of getting whitelisted for your desired IGO.

  • Maximum individual distribution

There are five total tiers on the Royale Launchpad; the higher your tier is, the higher the allocation you can contribute to an IGO. You can maximize your chances by collecting multiple tickets in the same tier to get more allocation if your tickets get selected!

  • Exclusive access to private sales for Monarch Tier

We will be offering exclusive access to private sales for our Monarch Tier holders once we start incubating new projects. You’ll be able to participate in early access rounds that are not open to the public.

  • Voting power on which games launch on Royale Launchpad

Royale Finance is transitioning slowly into DAO, one of our long-term goals for the project. The Royale DAO will give voting power to Royale’s core supporters and believers. Voting will allow ROYA holders to decide which games will be launched or incubated via the Royale Launchpad. As proponents of the decentralization culture, we believe this is a big step in the right direction to truly being a decentralized platform.

Upcoming Plans

We are working on releasing fan fiction characters inspired by the characters from the launchpad tiers. This activity will be a weekly affair accompanied by the release of NFT drops based on these character models.

These characters will be rare, exclusive NFTs, and owning them will provide secret benefits which we will unveil in the future. We want to use this concept to gamify our tier system and make it fun for our Royalty. We will be the first launchpad to incorporate NFT’s into its tier system.

For more information on upcoming features, functionality and the IGO tiers, make sure you follow our socials.

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