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Royale Partners with DeFi11

Royale Finance & DeFi 11 to Further Evolve GDeFi Innovations! 🔥

Royale Finance is continuing with its effort to expand its offerings and blockchain solutions to encompass gaming companies. Joining this noble cause is blockchain optimized fantasy sports platform, DeFi11. Together, the two companies hope to drive gaming DeFi solutions that will revolutionize the industry and produce reciprocal merits for both their communities.

Royale Finance has always believed that the unique synthesis between gaming and decentralized finance could open the door to opportunities for several game-oriented startups through community-funded subsidy programs. This partnership is following in this direction and seeks to explore the creation of shared liquidity generation mechanisms that will lead to mutually beneficial interaction of both ecosystems.

What is DEFI 11?

DeFi11 is the world’s first DeFi powered fully decentralised gaming ecosystem for fantasy sports, prediction markets, sports betting, NFT gaming

The fantasy sports industry is growing at an alarming rate with some experts estimating the market to reach $48 billion by 2027! However, despite this rapid growth, the industry is plagued by centralization focused issues like the mishandling of user information, market manipulation and violation of users privacy. DeFi11 was created to combat these problems through decentralization and blockchain integration.

The DeFi11 solution offers a completely decentralized and transparent system that eliminates the problems of market manipulation, maintains user anonymity and utilizes p2p transactions. The platform is stacked with tons of features ranging including :

✔️ Fantasy sports offerings
✔️ NFT gaming
✔️ Liquidity provision
✔️ Reward and incentive programs
✔️ Staking and swapping mechanisms.

Royale & DeFi 11 Find Common Grounds

Royale Finance also understands that there is a gap in the gaming industry, with problems revolving around transparency, false reporting, and misuse of data. It is against this backdrop that Royale finance seeks to support entities like DeFi11 that aim to address these gaps by providing transparent platforms with user-centric offerings .

The 3 Facets Of Collaboration

Royale Finance and DeFi11’s collaboration will cover 3 important areas:

Joint liquidity Pool

Under this initiative, the holders of $ROYA and DeFi11 tokens can contribute their tokens as liquidity while farming $ROYA and $D11 tokens as rewards. This liquidity contribution mechanism will provide another earning avenue for our Royale Monarchs and bridge the two ecosystems allowing members of both communities to become joint liquidity providers under a single umbrella.

Joint NFT Collection Events

Non Fungible Tokens give creators the ability to tokenize their creative assets. Royale and DeFi11 will work together to capitalize on this concept, creating joint NTFs collectibles. Royale and DeFi11 token holders that purchase these joint NFTs will become entitled to special platform perks which may include loyalty rewards or token drops.

Royale Liquidity Optimisation Program

Under this aspect of the partnership, DeFi 11 are in talks with us regarding Royale Finance’s liquidity optimisation program. This could mean that Royale Finance may be bankrolling the development of DeFi 11.
DeFi 11 has gone through an authentication process set up wholly by the Royale Finance auditing team.
Watch this space!

A short message from the CEO’s

“Royale Finance is making a lot of headway in the gaming space with their unique liquidity solutions for upcoming gaming and iGaming companies. We are grateful to partner with them to create rewarding liquidity provision mechanisms and participate in their optimisation program. We hope to work closely together in the future to help drive more innovation efforts in the gaming niche disrupting conventional centralized systems with decentralized solutions.” — Ritam Gupta, CEO DeFi 11

‘’Indeed, we are witnessing some of the most innovative and well thought out partnerships in the gaming space considering the massive interventions of Royale finance liquidity combined with the well structured DeFi11 ecosystem. Our collaboration will primarily be consumer-driven. We want to link the two ecosystems and provide reward earning opportunities for both our communities. DeFi 11 is a promising project and it is our hope that with our liquidity optimisation program, we can help this fantasy sports platform reach its true potential.” — Giorgio Andrews, CEO Royale Finance

About Royale Finance 👑

Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralised lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using De-Fi primitives to support the innovation of iGaming products and platforms. The combination of iGaming rewards, uncorrelated to De-Fi crypto assets but powered by base layer De-Fi protocols, we call GDeFi.

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