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Royale Web 3.0 App TestNet Phase 1 — Level Complete

Dear Royale Testers!

We would like to thank all those who participated in the Royale Web 3.0 App testnet — the kingdom truly appreciates your time and skills in helping us prepare for the smoothest mainnet launch in the realm.

People from all around the world, in 74 countries, made valuable contributions to the Royale TestNet via feedback, bug hunting or general awesome suggestions — we salute your support!

Before TestNet commenced we made the decision to allow everyone to join in, regardless of whether they had previous testing skills or not — and it was a great decision. It confirmed the UX & UI were intuitive enough for anybody to come along and get involved, but obviously with welcomed room for improvement.

The team listened carefully to our testers and have enjoyed implementing improvements based on both bugs raised during testing and general feedback. We took onboard UI recommendations to make the platform even more intuitive and this was reflected in your responses as TestNet continued.

TestNet Feedback

“A very simple and elegant site. Easy to use but felt a little heavy. It will be useful to study the design language a little more and visualize the symbols used better.”

“Easy and clear. Perfect even for beginners. I like it :) Nice graphics.”

“Overall a good experience even though initially I was confused. This is my first testing in the crypto world and I’m glad I was able to figure out the tasks.”

“It has a user-friendly interface and anyone who has just begun to explore the ecosystem can use this app. Thank you for a great job.”

Bugs and Improvements

MetaMask Integration. The Royale Web 3.0 app was not automatically updating all site data and balances when changing wallets in MetaMask. Any changes to MetaMask are now reflected in the app instantly.

Translation Overlay Errors. A number of users transactions were failing due to translation overlay displaying incorrect figures by dropping punctuation e.g. “5,123.123” was showing as “5 123 123” so users were attempting to create contracts with values much larger than the balance on chain as per etherscan. The numeric fields now all translate as expected.

Incomplete/Failed Transactions. Most transactions that failed were primarily due the following reasons:

  • Gas set too low!
  • Attempting transactions without balance
  • Attempting NFT discount without NFT

Gas set too low! Many transactions were committed with gas too low which left the tx queued and the app showing processing endlessly due to the tx not being confirmed in a block for so long. Default gwei now set to on average network gas fees.

Attempting transactions without balance. Although users could create a contract for 100k ROYA whilst only having 10k ROYA in their wallet, the tx would fail as Ethereum chain would prevent such transactions and charge gas anyway. Validation has been put in place to prevent creation of contracts where required tokens do not exist.

Attempting NFT discount without NFT. This is as expected, the user cannot claim a discount if they do not hold the corresponding NFT and the NFT discount functionality was not included in testnet.

UniSwap Integration. The UniSwap integration was for illustrative purposes only and was not required to test (it won’t work with Ropsten TestNet).

Staking Lot USDC Accumulation. Initially USDC was set to accumulate every block so users could see the number increasing frequently. USDC is rewarded at a variable rate based on the optimisation strategies and iGaming provider stability fees, thus, will now be calculated and accumulated on a monthly basis.

Early Cooldown and Unstaking. For the purposes of testing the cool down and unstaking periods were reduced to several minutes so users could test the process. The specified timings within the app will be used in mainnet.

mROYA Withdrawals. We didn’t anticipate such testing volume The Royale app wallets didn’t have enough mROYA to go around so we refilled 🙂

ROYA TestNet Leaderboard

Team Royale would love to thank everyone who contributed to TestNet and supported us during the process. The final Leaderboard Scores have been verified and can be found HERE.

TestNet Leaderboard Prizes!

  • 1st Place — 2,800 ROYA tokens
  • 2nd Place — 1,600 ROYA tokens
  • 3rd Place — 800 ROYA tokens
  • 4th — 10th Places — 260 ROYA tokens
  • 11th — 50th Places — 80 ROYA tokens

Congratulations to all those who scored in the Top 50!

Your ROYA rewards will be distributed on Monday 15th March.

The tokens will be sent to your Ethereum address provided during SafeListing… just switch your MetaMask from Ropsten to Mainnet once we announce the transaction ID.

About Royale Finance 👑

Royale Finance is an industry-focused decentralised lending protocol. Its purpose is to create Web 3.0 smart-backed funding solutions using DeFi primitives in order to support the innovation of iGaming products and platforms. The combination of iGaming returns, uncorrelated to DeFi cryptoassets but powered by base layer DeFi protocols, we call iGDeFi.

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