Behold! The Rite of Passage into the DAO Realms Awaits

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3 min readSep 4, 2023


Stepping into the realm of decentralized leadership, where you hold the torch to illuminate the path, might seem like a fantasy. But with Royale, it becomes a tangible reality. Here’s your guide to being an integral part of Royale’s DAO and taking on the mantle of a core team member.

How to enter

Simply show interest to Marvin at @MetaDutch on telegram
Once the voting poll closes your handle will be added in the snapshot to be voted on to be moved into the royale round table.

Foundational Steps for Voting

1. Connect Your Wallet
Start by syncing your wallet with Snapshot. This isn’t just a digital wallet — it’s your voice in the Royale community, granting you the credentials to participate and vote.

2. Token Eligibility and Voting Power
Holding $ROYA tokens on networks like ETH, BSC, and POLY is your entry ticket. Furthermore, having UNISWAP V2 ROYA/WETH and V3 ROYA/USDT LP tokens enhances your voting influence. Remember, every vote you cast is a reflection of your stake in the future of Royale.

3. Community Recognition: Register with Telegram or Twitter
Make your mark. Registering your Telegram or Twitter handle isn’t merely about visibility. It’s an invitation for the community to recognize your potential and elect you to join the ranks. Do you have the charisma and vision the Royale community seeks?

4. Reward in $ROYA: Your Worth Recognized
Your commitment and efforts won’t go unnoticed. As a prospective DAO member, you will be remunerated in $ROYA. The best part? The rate isn’t fixed — existing DAO members and you will come together to agree on a rate that matches your value.

Roles and Responsibilities of a DAO Member

1. Steering the Ecosystem
You’re more than just a participant — you’re a navigator. You’ll make decisions that shape the trajectory of Royale, introducing new horizons and ensuring efficient use of resources. Ready to steer the ship? 🚀

2. Innovative Operational Leadership
You’re not just joining a group; you’re entering a think tank. Collaboratively ideate groundbreaking protocol enhancements, fortifying the security grid, and ensuring that Royale always sails smoothly. 🛠️

3. Cultivating Relationships and Alliances
It’s more than networking; it’s legacy building. In the realm of GameFi, you’ll create bonds, foster collaborations, and expand Royale’s influence. 🤝

4. Governance Evolution Suggestions
Royale’s brilliance is its adaptability. As it grows, so will its governance needs. Your foresight will be essential in recommending updates, ensuring Royale remains at the forefront of decentralized innovation. 💡

5. Casting Votes on Gamepad Initiatives
Royale’s heart lies with its community. Your role will involve voting on projects for the gamepad, guaranteeing unparalleled experiences for all members.

In conclusion

To be a DAO member of Royale is to embrace both power and responsibility. It signifies your commitment to shaping tomorrow, etching a legacy, and spearheading progress. Are you prepared for this transformative journey with Royale?


Snapshot for DAO votes:

Are you the one to hold the line with us?

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