Welcome to thee Royale Round Table

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3 min readMay 29, 2023


Greetings, Queens and Kings👑,

🔔The Dawn of the Royale Round Table🔔

To all cherished contributors within the Royale Finance ecosystem,

Brace yourselves for a seismic shift in our tale! 🎉 Today, we unfurl the red carpet to a monumental milestone — the birth of the Royale Round Table (RRT). This isn’t a mere metamorphosis; it’s an awe-inspiring evolution that’s set to steer us into a golden era of prosperity. 🔥

Embrace Your Power with Governance! 👑

Are you a proud holder of $ROYA tokens on (ETH, BSC, POLY) chains? Or perhaps you possess UNISWAP V2 ROYA/WETH, V3 ROYA/USDT LP tokens? If so, then WAGMI!

🥳 Your esteemed presence is requested at the Royal Council! Your stake bestows you the honor not just to spectate but to actively shape the course of our ecosystem.

Your Noble Governance Duties 📜

As an integral part of the RRT, your ideas and voice carry significant weight within the Royale Finance community. You are entrusted with:

1. Steering pivotal ecosystem decisions, such as endorsing new ventures and directing resources. 🚀
2. Devising visionary operational strategies, like pioneering protocol features or bolstering our security framework. 🛠️
3. Cultivating invaluable community ties, partnerships, and collaborations to etch our legacy in the annals of GameFi 🤝
4. Proposing amendments to our governance model to solidify our position at the helm of innovation. 💡
5. Voting on the inclusion of projects on the gamepad.

We pledge to regularly present proposals for your thoughtful review, ensuring our path is always illuminated by your wisdom and expertise.

Unveiling the Monumental Impact of the RRT 🎉

The inception of our RRT transcends a protocol upgrade; it’s a salute to the spirit of unity, empowerment, and foresight. It rewards $ROYA token holders and the broader community in myriad ways:

1. Democratic Ecosystem: The RRT assures that every voice within the Royale community resonates, nurturing an atmosphere of transparency, fairness, and amplifying your sway as a $ROYA holder. 👐
2. Empowered Members: You’re not a mere spectator; you’re a trailblazer, directing the compass of our ecosystem. This power fosters a sense of ownership and heightened involvement within our community. 🏎️
3. Sturdy Resilience: DAOs are the pillars of our ecosystem. They’re robust, adaptable, and poised to tackle emerging challenges. This fortifies the safety and durability of your $ROYA🦾
4. Innovation Hub: The DAO harnesses the collective genius of our diverse community, igniting innovation and growth. This cooperative process lays the groundwork for thrilling advancements that could turbocharge the value of the Royale Round Table. 💥

This stride heralds a new epoch in our odyssey, signaling a vibrant age of decentralized, democratic governance. We cordially invite you, our esteemed Throne owners, to embark on this exhilarating journey. Together, let’s redraw the boundaries of decentralized finance.

Join the RRT on Snapshot here

Are you ready to etch your name in the annals of history with us? Let the future of Royale Round Table be chiseled by our collective resolve! 👑🚀

Stay alert, as we’ll soon divulge why being a custodian of 720k ROYA will be like holding an ace of spades while sitting on our throne.

About Royale Finance👑
Royale Finance is a powerhouse in the GameFi universe with a steadfast focus on being a launchpad. Our mission is to architect Web 3.0 decentralized liquidity funding solutions using DeFi primitives, all to fuel the ingenuity of gaming products and platforms. We strive to become the bridge that connects traditional finance with the boundless potential of decentralized gaming. Together, let’s game on!

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