It’s rather a long trip from the Catskills to California, but we couldn’t be more excited for it. (Image Credit: Google Maps)

⛺️ Offline Camp: West Coast Edition!

Your fearless organizing team has been missing you since Offline Camp this June. A lot. Imagine us in our PJs, crying into hot chocolate topped with the extra marshmallows from when our microwave s’mores-making didn’t quite cut it. Seriously, we were very sad when that weekend ended and our laundry machines stole the sweet scent of woodsmoke from us.

Post-camp withdrawal felt a lot like this. (Image credit: Allie Brosh, Hyperbole and a Half)

In fact, we’ve been missing you so much that we couldn’t help ourselves. We’ve been scouring the West Coast for venues that could live up to the expectations set by our lovely Catskills retreat, and we’ve finally found one we love. Introducing The Lodge at Oak Creek Ranch, home of the next Offline Camp:

Note the fire pit awaiting our s’mores!! (Image credits: The Lodge at Oak Creek Ranch)

We’re very excited to host 30 of our closest new friends in Santa Margarita, California (near 🐳 whales!!!!, Maureen reminds us) for a long weekend of Offline First community-building and discussion November 4–7, 2016. Although returning campers are very welcome — have we mentioned in the past few minutes how much we miss you? — , we’re hoping that the new location halfway between Los Angeles and San Francisco will make it easier for some of our favorite West Coast developers, designers, and decision makers to join us this time around.

We expect another fabulous long weekend (Friday evening through Monday morning) of laid back conversation, passion talks, semi-organized discussions on all things Offline First, s’more-making, laughter, and general merriment. Many of our campers in the Catskills told us that Offline Camp was the most impactful tech event they’ve attended, due to the camp structure and fabulous sense of community we all created together. If you’re new to this camp business, we encourage you to read our post on what makes Offline Camp so special and explore our Medium publication for recaps of our unconference sessions. The specific Offline First topics we choose to discuss in California will be defined by our campers there, but we hope the vibe and sense of community we create will be as wonderful as it was in the Catskills.

Want to join us in California? Hop over to the Offline Camp website now for the latest on pricing and registration. We look forward to learning all about you and the awesome perspective you’ll contribute to camp!

West Coast of the US still too far for you? Never fear. We already anticipate missing you again after this event is over, so we’re starting to look at potential venues for another Offline Camp in the spring of 2017 in Europe. And once we have 90 friends to miss, we’re gonna wish we had a bigger campfire, so we hope to organize a small Offline First conference on the East Coast of the US in the fall of 2017. (If you have awesome venue ideas for either event, please let us know.)

We owe a huge debt of gratitude to the sponsors who’ve already stepped up for our West Coast camp, making it possible for us to book such a gorgeous venue. (Big props to Bocoup, Hoodie, IBM, and Make&Model for getting the ball rolling!) Sponsorships from both individuals and companies (👏 YLD and Meetup) at our last event allowed us to throw an awesome pool party, cover travel expenses for some amazing campers who wouldn’t have been able to make it otherwise, and keep everyone well fed on Nutella all week. If your organization is able to support the California event, please reach out to discuss options.

We’re super excited for the next Offline Camp (⛺️ ❤️ 👍 💥 🌵 ❗️) and are hard at work wrangling up as much awesomeness as we can manage. We’ll have lots more to share in the next few months, so please follow us on Twitter and subscribe to the Offline First Reader to ensure you don’t miss any Offline Camp updates.

We can’t wait to see you in California this November!

Your fearless organizing team mapping out unconference sessions in the Catskills: Maureen, Gregor, Bradley, Steve, and Teri (Image credit: Jason Pelletier)