Campers Max Ogden and Machiko Yasuda capture a gorgeous sunset at Offline Camp California. (Image credit: Gregor Martynus)

Acquiring Grant Funding for Open Source Projects

An Offline Camp passion talk by Max Ogden

Max Ogden is the creator of Dat, a dataset version control tool that works much like Git, so you can have an offline repository that syncs up later — a quintessential Offline First approach. The ideas that led Max to work on Dat came directly from Apache CouchDB, a distributed database which also provided inspiration for Hoodie and many other Offline First projects. A longtime member of the CouchDB community, Max attended CouchCamp in 2010 at Walker Creek Ranch, which had a certain vibe — small and community-focused — that he hoped to find again. We were thrilled to have Max join us at Offline Camp California, where he experienced that same vibe in the growing Offline First community.

Dat is an open source, grant-funded, decentralized tool for distributing data sets. Although it’s a general-purpose tool, Dat is particularly useful for ensuring that scientific data can be easily published and archived. As with many in the scientific and open source communities, Max relies heavily on grant funding to keep his projects running. In his passion talk at Offline Camp California, Max shared with us some tips and tricks for gaining visibility and access to the folks who have grants available.

Acquiring Grant Funding for Open Source Projects (presented by Max Ogden at Offline Camp California 2016)

The Request for Commits podcast, produced by Changelog, highlights the human side of open source. Co-hosts Nadia Eghbal and Mikeal Rogers — himself an attendee at Offline Camp — invited Max to join them recently for a chat on grant funding for open source work. Have a listen:

In addition to his more technical pursuits in the Node.js and open source ecosystems, Max is passionate about cats, dedicating many of his conference talks and a full website of photography to the feline species. If you’ve not yet received your very own Max Ogden cat portrait, well, you probably missed Offline Camp California. Which is a shame.

Editor’s Note: Participants at Offline Camps have diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging far beyond the Offline First approach that we come together to discuss. Through short passion talks, campers share with us some of the hobbies, projects, and technologies that excite them. We offer you this taste of that passion for as a preview to our upcoming events. Learn more at the camp website or follow us on Twitter for updates.

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