Max Ogden and friends. (Image credit: Catmapper, CC-BY-SA 4.0)

All Dat and More

An interview with Dat Project founder Max Ogden, live from Offline Camp California

Faced with terabytes of scientific research data, Max Ogden helped to build the Dat Project, an open source, decentralized tool for versioning and syncing data changes across distributed sets. At Offline Camp California last month, Max sat down with camp co-organizer Bradley Holt to discuss what makes Dat ideal for storing and moving researching data, how Offline First can combat 404 errors, what to expect at CSV Conf, how Max got started with Apache CouchDB, and how he’s combined his love of data collection with his love of cats. It’s all here for you in the latest episode of the New Builders Podcast:

New Builders Ep. 25: All Dat and More

In Max’s chat with Bradley he mentions the P2P Beaker Browser, which uses both Dat and IPFS protocols. Stay tuned for an upcoming podcast episode featuring my own interview with fellow camper Paul Frazee, creator of Beaker.

Dead billionaires are great!

For tips on obtaining grant funding for scientific and open source projects, check out Max’s passion talk from Offline Camp:

Podcasts are pretty awesome too!

Max’s interview marks the fifth time the New Builders Podcast has put Offline First in the spotlight. Check out the first four below.

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