Announcing Offline Camp v5

Offline Camp has been all around the world, from the Catskill Mountains, to the Central Coast of California, to Berlin, to Oregon. We’re ready to announce the fifth version of Offline Camp… 🥁🥁🥁

…but first a bit of suspense...


What’s it like at Offline Camp? Let’s take a look back! Offline Camp has been a wonderful combination of the Offline First community + a beautiful, secluded location. It’s like Nutella and marshmallows, only better (and not just because we actually have Nutella and marshmallows at Offline Camp).

The Nutella at the first Offline Camp in the Catskill Mountains (June, 2016) was sponsored by co-organizer Gregor Martynus who “doesn’t understand peanut butter” (📸Bradley Holt).

Other than plenty of Nutella and sometimes llamas (yes, really), what makes Offline Camp so amazing? Well, let’s hear from some former campers…

Curious about the format of Offline Camp? Here’s what our campers have to say about the unique experience.

Offline Camp is an unconference where the topics discussed are entirely driven by participants. Our Medium publication offers a sampling of recaps of past sessions, as well as passion talks shared by campers. Overview posts from the Catskills in 2016 , California in 2016 , Berlin in 2017, and Oregon in 2017 can serve as a launching point if you’d like to get a sense of the broad range of interests of our campers.

Llamas at Offline Camp Oregon 2017 (📸Gregor Martynus) — I told you there were llamas, but you didn’t believe me, did you?

Welcome, Carter!

We’re incredibly excited to announce that Carter Rabasa, Offline Camp Oregon 2017 alumnus, will be joining the organizing team for the next Offline Camp! Here he is giving an enthusiastic thumbs up. The thumbs up is for Offline Camp, not for Pine State Biscuits, right Carter?

Carter Rabasa, Offline Camp Oregon 2017 alumnus and new co-organizer, giving a thumbs up in front of a Pine State Biscuits sign (📸Carter Rabasa)

Carter has been organizing fun activities since 2006 when he started a kickball league in Washington, DC. More recently he’s organized tech meetups and hackathons, and he just wrapped up the CascadiaJS 2018 conference this past November. He’s not from the Pacific Northwest, but he’s a Cascadian at heart.

Carter Rabasa in the kitchen with Steve Trevathan at Offline Camp Oregon 2017 making his killer cheesy scrambled eggs (📸Gregor Martynus).

Carter joins Steve Trevathan, Bradley Holt, and Teri Chadbourne, all of whom are back for their 5th Offline Camp.

Sadly Gregor Martynus will not be co-organizing the next Offline Camp with us… but for good reason. He’s busy being a proud father to triplets!

Oh, hey, it’s a trio of triplet pictures… see what we did there? (📸Gregor Martynus)

Road trip!

You may remember the suspense leading up to our last Offline Camp as Teri and Steve trekked around the Pacific Northwest in search of the perfect venue.

If you were paying attention back then, you might notice there’s been a conspicuous lack of suspense around the venue search for the next Offline Camp. What does this mean? Why the lack of suspense? Oh wait, isn’t that even more enigmatic? The mystery builds!

Just tell me already!

Are you ready to find out where Offline Camp is headed next? OK! We’ll be headed back to the Cascade Mountain Ranch in Grants Pass, Oregon (the same location as Offline Camp Oregon 2017) from August 2–5, 2019. This means its time to start hitting the Oregon Trail again.

We loved the Cascade Mountain Ranch so much that we decided to head back for a second time. The ranch encompasses 50 acres surrounded by wilderness lands and nestled in its own private valley in Southwest Oregon. It’s roughly 4 hours south of Portland, Oregon or 6 hours north of San Francisco, California by car, and there’s a small regional airport just 45 minutes away in Medford, Oregon.

The main lodge at Cascade Mountain Ranch and the some of the scenery at the ranch (📸Steve Trevathan).

The property has two lodges, and to please our very observant Twitter followers who like to point out how much internet access we (ironically) have while posting from Offline Camp, one of the lodges is WiFi-free. It also boasts a game room, 1–2 ponds (depending on rainfall), a fire pit (unfortunately fire regulations will likely not allow us to have a genuine spark-producing campfire at this time of year), and plenty of walking trails. And, of course, this means we get to visit the llamas again!

Llamas at Offline Camp Oregon 2017 (📸Gregor Martynus)

Insider tip: If you hear a llama clear its throat, it’s probably about to spit. Potentially in your face. Step aside, friend. Step aside.

Let’s make the journey together

Making it to Oregon

Tackling the Oregon Trail alone is no fun, so we invite you to join us along the journey. Our goal is to gather a group of kind and caring campers who will be respectful and constructive participants in our camp community, contribute actively to discussions on Offline First, and bring diverse and unique perspectives to the subject matter at hand. Please read about our application process before applying.

After you’ve thoroughly explored the Offline Camp Oregon website and read up on our application process, be sure to submit your application form by Friday, May 17 to qualify for the Super Early Bird rate of $350 (a $150 discount), which includes your food and lodging for the weekend. (Learn more about our camp pricing and available scholarships.) We’ll schedule a call with you to learn more about your interest in Offline First (and general awesomeness) and will get back to you with a decision after the Super Early Bird deadline passes. (We’re aiming to respond to our first batch of applicants by May 31 so those attending have plenty of time to book travel).

Insider tip: The first to apply get the biggest beds!

A note for Offline Camp alumni: We anticipate capping the number of returning campers in order to ensure we’re bringing new folks into the community, so please give careful thought to the answers on your application form.

Financing the journey

Provisions for Offline Camp (📸Gregor Martynus)

We’ve set aside a limited amount of scholarship funding for those who would be unable to attend Offline Camp without financial assistance. On the application form, you’ll see a place to indicate that you would need some extra help to make it to camp. Please don’t hesitate to apply!

You’ll soon be able to donate any amount to our scholarship fund ( ❤️ ) to increase our ability to bring a diverse group of campers to Oregon.

We’re also eager for companies with an interest in the Offline First movement (or diversity in tech) to step up and sponsor Offline Camp so we can provide an even more awesome experience for all our campers, or travel funding for those in need. Past sponsors, including IBM, Google, Microsoft, YLD, simplabs, Neighbourhoodie, and Make&Model Inc., have made our events a success.

A huge thank you to Protocol Labs for signing on as our first sponsor for Offline Camp Oregon 2019. We wouldn’t be able to hitch our wagons for this journey without you!

Final thoughts on the journey ahead

Last time we went to Oregon we had a difficult time choosing between Oregon Trail memes and llama memes. Expect to see more memes and puns of all genres going forward! If you’re not a member of the Oregon Trail Generation, things might get a little confusing. We urge you to just roll with it, or simulate the Apple II gaming experience to get up to speed. We promise we’ll make it worth your while with an amazing camp experience.

We (and the llamas) can’t wait to see you at Offline Camp Oregon 2019!

You could be having this much fun searching for a signal in this very spot! (📸 Mike Broberg)