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Letter sent on Sep 14, 2017

Announcing the next Offline Camp!

Offline Camp is an opportunity to gather the growing Offline First community — frequently in circular formation and often around a campfire — for a discussion about tooling, design practices, and other techniques that can counter the effect of inherently spotty or non-existent network connections. It’s a unique experience that we love.

Morning Standup at Offline Camp California

As editors of the Offline Camp publication, we’re tremendously thankful for the many camp alumni and guest authors who have shared their perspectives on all aspects of these Offline First challenges and solutions since our first camp last June. We’re so happy to have you, our readers, as part of the Offline First community, and hope you’ll add your voice to the conversation at our next camp.

To thank you for your readership, we’re sharing this early invitation to join us for the next Offline Camp, taking place November 10–13, 2017 in…

Oh, come on, we spent countless hours writing a dramatic blog post with ridiculous memes for the big location reveal. You didn’t think we’d spill the beans in this email, did you? You’ll have to read the big announcement.

But we are indeed pre-releasing this GIF to you as a clue:

We can’t wait to see you around the campfire.

Your Offline Camp Co-Organizers,
Bradley, Gregor, Steve, and Teri

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