Beaker: An Experimental P2P Browser

An Offline Camp passion talk

At Offline Camp California, I threw together an impromptu demo of the Beaker Browser. Here’s snippet from a post that I’ll be publishing soon, “What is the P2P Web?”

The P2P Web is a set of new technologies and APIs which integrate concepts from BitTorrent into the Web, creating new ways to surf, publish, and connect.
The P2P Web embodies 3 principles:
1. Anybody can be a server.
 2. Multiple computers can serve the same site.
 3. There is no back end.
Once integrated into a browser, these technology enable users to publish freely and independently.
P2P means anybody can host

Here’s the recording of the Offline Camp passion talk (1o minutes):

Offline Camp passion talk

At the Web 1.0 Conference in Boston earlier this month, I also gave a more formal talk about Beaker. Here’s the video from that talk, which includes a better view of the screen:

The Distributed Web and the Browser I Built to Surf It (recorded at the Web 1.0 Conference and shared with permission of organizer Amber Case)

If you’re interested in learning more, head to the Beaker Browser website and give it a try. (Sorry Windows and Linux users: you’ll need to build from source.)

While I was in town for the Web 1.0 Conference I sat down with Teri Chadbourne to record an interview for the New Builders Podcast in which we chatted about the distributed web, Beaker, CRDTs, Offline Camp and more. You can catch the episode here:

New Builders Ep. 27 — Oh, To Be Offline and Conflict-Free: The Distributed Web and CRDTs

Big thanks to Teri Chadbourne for recording the video and podcast, and being an all-around great friend.

Editor’s Note: Participants at Offline Camps have diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging far beyond the Offline First approach that we come together to discuss. Through short passion talks, campers share with us some of the hobbies, projects, and technologies that excite them. We offer you this taste of that passion as a preview to our upcoming events. Learn more at the camp website or follow us on Twitter for updates.