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Teri Chadbourne
Nov 30, 2016 · 2 min read

Whether you’re just getting started with Offline First or are looking to share your experience with the growing community, there are plenty of resources available to you. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorites.

Offline Camp attendees explain what Offline First is all about.


  • Visit the community hub at to get started, where you’ll find links to many of the first articles that defined the Offline First movement, plus a collection of use cases and success stories that highlight the potential impact.
  • Explore the Offline Camp Medium publication for discussion recaps from Offline Camp, passion talks from campers, and other articles from the Offline First community.
  • Listen to podcast episodes featuring Offline First.
  • Attend an upcoming event with Offline First content, from meetups to camps to conferences.
  • Follow the Offline First channel on YouTube for curated conference talks on Offline First use cases and technology, as well as passion talks from Offline Camp.
  • Subscribe to the monthly Offline First Reader for curated news and resources covering theory, technology and user experience for new offline use cases.


  • Join the community conversation in the Offline First Slack team. (You can even use the #gigs channel to find an agency, freelancer, or employee to help you with a project!)
  • Follow Offline Camp and camp alumni on Twitter.


  • Write about Offline First for our Medium publication. Send us your story idea or existing article and we’ll help you publish it. (Not much of a writer but want to share a sample app or some code you’ve been working on? We can help you write up a quick piece that links to your repo!)
  • Hosting a meetup or presenting a talk on Offline First? Let us know so we can include it in our event list and give you some love on Twitter.
  • Submit Offline First news, articles, cases, podcasts, or videos that have been published elsewhere for inclusion in the Offline First Reader.
  • Share your success story for inclusion in our use case collection.
  • Donate to our scholarship fund to support diversity efforts at future Offline Camps.


Attendees of Offline Camp reveal the secret sauce that makes the event so special.
Image credit: Aaron Burden

Offline Camp

Building the Offline First community, one campfire at a…

Offline Camp

Building the Offline First community, one campfire at a time.

Teri Chadbourne

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Web developer | Building the dweb community as lead maintainer of @ProtoSchool at @ProtocolLabs | @OfflineCamp co-organizer & #OfflineFirst advocate | she/her

Offline Camp

Building the Offline First community, one campfire at a time.