ROAR for Good’s Self Defense Wearable

Meet Athena. Get help with the touch of a button.

Editor’s Note: Participants at Offline Camp Berlin had diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging far beyond the Offline First approach that we came together to discuss. Through short passion talks, campers shared with us some of the hobbies, projects, and technologies that excite them. Here’s a taste of that passion for you as a preview to our upcoming events.

Trigger Warning: The passion talk referenced in this post includes a depiction and discussion of sexual assault/violence.

37% of women say they do not feel safe walking home alone at night.
65% of woman have experienced street harassment.
1/4 of college women experience sexual assault.
1/3 of women experience violence from intimate partners in their lifetime.

How can technology help us to address these issues and begin the work toward making the world a safer place? This is the mission of ROAR for Good, a Certified B Corporation® whose first product is a self defense wearable called Athena. With the press of a button, Athena emits an ear shattering alarm and connects via Bluetooth to a mobile app that allows you to communicate with emergency contacts. With the Athena app you can easily and quickly send a pin of your location and update your status via SMS to your trusted network. For each Athena device sold, the ROAR for Good team will “ROAR back” a portion of the proceeds to educational programs that have been shown to increase empathy and reduce violence.

Watch my passion talk about Athena at Offline Camp Berlin:

Trigger Warning Reminder: This passion talk includes a depiction and discussion of sexual assault/violence.

Maureen McElaney gives a passion talk on ROAR for Good at Offline Camp Berlin, April 2017

I used Athena while I was in Berlin for two weeks, between Offline Camp and JSConf EU. As a Developer Advocate at IBM Watson Data Platform, I travel by myself a lot for work. I am relieved to have a self defense device that can clip easily and discretely in my carry on and help keep me safe in strange and faraway cities. I was lucky to be part of the first shipment of Athena since I was an early supporter of their Indiegogo campaign, and the mobile app was still in beta when I tested it in Germany. Thanks to my passion talk at Offline Camp I got a bunch of volunteers to be my emergency contacts while in Berlin, many of whom sent me their feedback about the application. I’ll be pooling our feedback for the ROAR team to utilize as they build out the beta application. I like that Athena vibrates when it gains connectivity with my phone and the mobile app is really simple and easy to use. I also like that my emergency contacts aren’t forced to download the app to be able to be there for me. The device is stylish and people at the conference agreed that it looks like a fitness wearable or a bold piece of jewelry. I’m most excited to give my feedback about ways Roar for Good can improve the application to be more Offline First!

You can order your own Athena NOW for yourself or for someone you love. And for a discount you can donate one to a woman in need.