The first ever Offline Camp gets started

All of the campers are here, fed, well-rested and ready for the first full day of Offline Camp. Set in picturesque Jewett, New York, our venue is nestled between the edge of the woods and a beautiful scenic view of a pond, that will later be filled with rowing and kayaking Offline Campers.

Offline Camp venue, photo courtesy of Julian Simioni

Friday night began with food and fun, as campers arrived from nearby New York, Boston, and Vermont, and as far away as the UK, Spain, Germany, and France. Offline Campers eagerly shared their enthusiasm for pushing the concept of Offline First forward.

“In this first Offline Camp I’m hoping to meet the people that have been helping to bootstrap this concept and community,” Pedro Teixeira, CTO of YLD, said. “There, I’m hoping to learn about and discuss the problems, challenges and solutions that will help us deliver reliable applications that are resilient to poor or no network access.”

“Nowadays it seems to be assumed that Internet connection is available everywhere, all the time, but it is not, quite the opposite,” Patricia Garcia, frontend Javascript developer, said. “It’s just available often enough for us to count on it, and to find out too late that there is some useful information we can’t access because it’s not stored offline. That’s why offline first is so important.”

Photo by Steven Trevathan for Offline Camp

The first sessions began mid-morning following breakfast. In barcamp, or unconference style, the campers suggested and voted to participate in sessions on offline maps, alerts and notifications, as well as ways to help build the Offline First community.