The Offline Camp Experience

[VIDEO] Campers divulge the recipe for our secret sauce

Ever since our first in the Catskills last June, we as organizers have been doing our darnedest to explain . Since words don’t quite capture it, we thought we’d share the sights and sounds with you directly. Here’s a look at our second camp in California last November, complete with campers’ reflections on what sets Offline Camp apart from other tech events:

The Offline Camp Experience (Video credit: )

As you may have guessed, our goal in sharing this video is to make you both incredibly jealous about the events you’ve missed and incredibly excited about the possibility of joining us in the future. Your next opportunity to experience the magic for yourself is at , April 28 — May 1, 2017. (We’ve conveniently scheduled it for the weekend before , so you can make a single trip to Germany for all your tech event needs.)

You could be in this circle. Trust us. You’ll love it. (Image credit: )

Nearly every camper in California volunteered to be interviewed about and the camp experience, and we’re so grateful for their willingness to share their perspectives. Those highlighted in this video include, in order of appearance:

  • Founder, Dat Project Open Web Programmer
  • Web Platform Product Manager, Microsoft Edge Co-Maintainer, PouchDB
  • Front End Engineer, Blizzard Entertainment
  • Chapter Leader, Girl Develop It Pittsburgh Instructor, Yoga for Engineers
  • Lead Developer, HospitalRun VP of Technology Innovation, CURE International
  • (Yours Truly) Co-Organizer, Offline Camp
  • Community Manager, Node.js Foundation Creator of NodeConf, JSFest, and request
  • Developer Advocate, IBM Founder, Girl Develop It Burlington
  • Front End Engineer & Specialist in Accessibility, Facebook

You can catch more campers from California and the Catskills in a number of , , and an upcoming video on what the Offline First approach is all about. They’ve also written fabulous session recaps shared here in this Medium publication, which give a great taste of the topics we’ve explored at camp.

Jim Young and Aaron Ross capture an interview with camper Maureen McElaney (Image credit: Teri Chadbourne)

We owe a huge thank you to videographer and host for trekking out to California to capture interviews and footage throughout the event. (And to camper , whose drone provided our aerial shots.) Without their days of recording and weeks of editing, we couldn’t have pulled this off.

FWIW, Aaron’s not the only videographer in our midst. If you haven’t had enough of the camp vibe yet, check out this home video made by camp co-organizer . It makes us smile every time. (Plus, there’s a tarantula in it. 🕷 )

Offline Camp

Building the Offline First community, one campfire at a time.

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Offline Camp

Building the Offline First community, one campfire at a time.