An Offline Camp passion talk from Frederic Marx

Frederic Marx introduces campers to Web MIDI at Offline Camp Berlin (Image credit: Gregor Martynus)

Frederic Marx works as a Front-End Developer at Ableton, a company that aims to help artists create amazing things. As we learned in his passion talk at Offline Camp Berlin, Frederic’s a big fan of Web MIDI. Created by the the Web Audio Working Group of the WC3, the Web MIDI API seeks to standardize support for MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) devices across browser-based experiences.

Have a listen to Frederic’s talk, then check out the links below for some hands-on fun.

Frederic Mark presents his passion talk, “Web MIDI,” at Offline Camp Berlin, April 2017 (Video credit: Aaron Ross)

You can explore Frederic’s passion project here, which offers beginner-friendly lessons on music-making fundamentals, with no experience or equipment required:

To check out the bubble wrap example from Frederic’s talk (optimized for Ableton Push), head over to CodePen:

If you own any MIDI devices, Frederic recommends this CodePen example from Ruth John as a good starting point for trying Web MIDI:

Editor’s Note: Participants at Offline Camp Berlin had diverse backgrounds and interests, ranging far beyond the Offline First approach that we came together to discuss. Through short passion talks, campers shared with us some of the hobbies, projects, and technologies that excite them. We share that passion with you as a preview to our upcoming events.