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Google Does What Apple Didn’t…

The tiniest of Android features that changes how we develop apps forever.

Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

This is one of those occasions where Apple objectively dropped the ball. This is also one of those occasions where I wish I had my “I told you so” banner ready with big bold serif letters printed next to my large grinning face. 😁 I’m not even being smug here. This is nerd excitement, one…




An accessibility publication by accessibility professionals and users of assistive technologies. Software accessibility got so boring we decided to radically shake it up. Accessible designs and software need attention, shouted off the rooftops. This is our digital rooftop.

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Attila Vágó

Pragmatic software engineer, editor, writer and occasional music critic. Lego and Mac fan. Accessibility advocate. Life enthusiast. | 6x Top Writer, 500K+ views

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