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Nishant Sinha
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2 min readJul 15, 2020


Doing Research has, until recently, been synonymous with finishing an MS or PhD program and getting a researchy job. That route isn’t a level-playing field at all — there are plenty of gatekeepers on the way, and you must be lucky to work around each of them.

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What gets lost in the noise about degrees, exams, applications and funding is the individual drive to do something special, to achieve mastery, to make an impact.

Passion, Curiosity, Persistence, Rigor.
Discipline, Communication, Aiming for Impact.
Problem Solving, Desire to be an Expert.
Coding, Mathematical analysis.

At OffNote Labs, we welcome self-motivated, driven learners, passionate to gain an authentic ‘research’ experience. Our goal is to help our mentees

  • learn to problem solve and innovate with an entrepreneur’s mindset, reinventing your thought processes as the problem reveals its core.
  • distil your thoughts to absolute clarity, and communicate with conviction
  • starting from first principles, go ahead and master a cutting-edge research problem.
  • build stuff that they can be proud of, and in the process grow exponentially as innovators.

We tune the problem to your taste and skill level, and begin our treasure-hunt from that point. We have had success with quite a few enthusiastic budding researchers, who hail this experience as once-in-a-lifetime. Some of them will be discussing their work in coming posts.

To learn more and be part of our growing community of researchers, follow us @linkedin and read more articles @medium/offnote.

github: http://github.com/ofnote

linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/31053418/

Finally, not everyone likes to do scientific research. There are tons of other interesting things to do out there. For those who are eager to hop on to this ride, we ask them to introspect a bit first. Before you apply, think why do you want to do cutting-edge research, and how eager are you to get out of your comfort zones to do stuff that you are proud of. That will help us have a better conversation.

Watch this video to learn more about our mission of ‘No-Boundaries Innovation’.




Nishant Sinha
OffNote Labs

Researcher, Consultant, Educator | Deep Learning, Reasoning | OffNote Labs, ex-IBM Research, Carnegie Mellon | nishant at offnote.co