Week 11

As an American, I was told to prepare for London’s grey skies. This week, however, was all sunshine and puppies. This I can dig.


Yes, the weather was a beaut, and sure, we joined the rest of the city with a pint (or two) on that 20-degree Wednesday. But more over, the good weather has brought out the team’s travel bug.

The Offset calendar is littered with summer holiday plans, and we’ve been sharing tips and tricks learned from Stacks. Shameless plug: Have a look at these travel stacks we’ve been perusing that share how to maximize frequent flier miles, book an impromtu weekend away, or spread holiday FOMO with loved ones at home.

Poppy the pup


“Puppies” is misleading; there was just the one. Her name is Poppy. She lives part-time at MOO, and we went on a walk (see left).

Studio News

Tom and Utku continue to prototype this new thing. Tom uses Utku’s face as a placeholder image, which makes me both LOL and nervous for a world of Utku clones.

Elise and Yeray continue to kit out Stacks making it easier for users to learn new ways to work and play better. Search is now live (!!), with more features on the way.

I’ve been between both worlds — sorting out next steps for Stacks, while also understanding the market of this new thing.

There’s a meeting at MOO next week in which our work will be shared and discussed. Fingers crossed we’ve done alright. But after the week we’ve had, I can’t imagine it being otherwise.

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