Week Seven

Having managed to convince Tom we should head to Dishoom for Monday breakfast, rather than local greasy spoon #23, I thought my work for the week was done. Alas, the team had other plans…

Week #7 had us working to a self imposed deadline: Invite the first set of ‘real’ people to use Stacks, the product we’ve been building for the past few weeks. Prior to this, we had done a couple of rounds of internal testing, as well as a closed beta with everyone at MOO, so after a few more tweaks, we felt ready to start opening the doors.

We’ve been steadily inviting people this week, and already, it’s fascinating to watch the ways people are making and breaking Stacks. We’re pretty happy with how things went so far, but we’d like to have more people on it. We’ll do a small launch next week to get some momentum, and keep on rolling invites.

More on Stacks on Monday.

It’s not all been typing into computers in front of screens though. On Wednesday, we had an ‘offsite’; I think this is big company speak for a day off. We set off for a walk from Scrutton Street to Hackney Wick, along Columbia Road, Victoria Park, and the canals.

“Are we there yet?”

We then had lunch al fresco at Counter Cafe, and finally, Jonathan demolished us all at bowling.

It was good to discuss what we might want to work on next — or alongisde Stacks — away from the office for a bit. It was especially useful, however, to sit down with Richard the next day and bounce some of our ideas off him.

In truth, we had been going back and forth a little on what makes the cut as an ‘Offset idea’, and what doesn’t. Even if it means killing some ideas we were excited about, I think we have more clarity on what areas to focus on now than we did since we started.

To help keep the focus, we wrote ten or so questions to apply as a filter on the ideas we come up with. We’ll work to codify those a bit next week, but I hope to share them when we have done so.

In other news, Tom and I picked up our latest prototype NFC cards. Nick and the product team at MOO are doing stellar technical work to make these happen at scale. The cards feel like holding a little bit of the future.

Our only task so far is to try and break them. Challenge accepted.

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