Francesco Botticini — The Assumption of the Virgin

W hen I think of the future, the way us people getting far from each other I realize that we are going to kill our self. When you see the news all you see are War, Suicidal Killing and all other killing ways for what? Religion? Believe? Making a better world by doing the worst? I don’t know how these people think they can play the God’s role in life’s Theater.

We all born reasonably” you can see it everywhere in “all” the religions, in this case these days as we all can see, our reason is KILLING, But why? We never meant to be a killer. In Iraq or Syria or anywhere else there is a war playground for people who think they are the right one but God Bless us all. It’s very hard to describe what’s happening there… for an example if each of those in playground won the battle will call “Allah o Akbar“ and that’s weird and complicated , Who is right?

I born Muslim in Islamic country so I don’t know much about other religions. In school they said “in Quran if somebody kill somebody or Kill him/her self will be in Hell for ever and GOD will never forgive him or her but on the other side we have those who is killed in the way or whatever of GOD, they will be in HEAVEN forever” But the thing about that complicated thing I said before I don’t Understand both of them are in the battlefield (as I said in one paragraphs) believe they are fighting for GOD but who is right?

TERROR is a thought — a bad one and also a crazy one . I’m sure 99% of them don’t understand what they doing. Some of them think if they kill themselves, they can have a dinner with GOD in HEAVEN.

“Being crazy is bad but being religious crazy is the worst”

As these thoughts are spreading I think in the future we are going to be living in fear of each other, May we will be living in cages , nobody can promise us.On the end these days I bet you GOD itself can’t understand this situation to handle it. The best way is we start to act like a human.