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Londrelle guides his listeners into a meditative self-love trance with his latest single.

Annie Ngu
Annie Ngu
Feb 18, 2020 · 5 min read

You’re enough right now.

I’m shaking things up, again.

This is a single. And according to Londrelle’s Instagram, You Are Enough is a teaser of what’s in the works. This is not so much a review but Valentine’s Day just passed and it got me thinking about this walloping occasion and its focus on external love, the love we give to others and make them feel special.

But what about us?

It just seemed like the perfect segue — slash refocus we all need — to the self-love talk:

  • You are more than enough.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others.
  • Focus on your strengths.
  • Self-care is not selfish.
  • You are not your thoughts, your past, or your body.
  • Release your inner advocate.
  • Love yourself first.

What’s more interesting is that Londrelle Hall’s unique approach to mental wellness is extremely inspiring. As he focuses on encouraging meditation and self-healing through music, he launched an app called Eternal Sunshine — not to mistaken for his 13-track album, Eternal Sunshine.

With the combination of his mobile app, his music and literature, there’s more than meets the eye with Londrelle.

The Overview

Londrelle is a spoken word artist, singer and poet who focuses on soul food and mental health. I’ve been asked where he’s from — I looked — and I can only tell you that right now, he’s a globetrotter. He comes to us in a time where the awakening of mind, body and soul is aligned with the rebirth of intuitive thought and the manifestation of universal power.

At OFFtheRECORD, I’m very conscious of what I’m writing about and what I want you to read. The most important value of this platform is not only to support emerging artists that are authentic, unique, talented but they also work towards elevating our experiences as human beings.

Whether these artists’ messages touch on spirituality, kindness, mental health or climate change, I want to usher them forward. So, without further ado, let us bask in the ambiance of Eternal Sunshine that is Londrelle Hall.

Devotion to God, self-realization, and service to mankind. — Londrelle, on his life’s philosophy

The Analysis

If you’ve ever taken notice of Londrelle’s works, you’d know that his primary focus has always been circulated around mindfulness, self-care and awareness. His latest track, You Are Enough, is no different.

The first verse goes like this:

Take your time
Nurture your soul
Embrace the highs
Work through the lows
Master yourself
Work on your goals
Just take a breath
Let go and then grow

There’s no room for misspoken words, tongue twisters, or mindfucks — Londrelle gets to the point of addressing, processing and embracing ourselves fully. You Are Enough is very personal and yet, it’s universal. No matter what you or someone you know is going through, there’s no one more worth investing than yourself.

I’m always intrigued when artists take inspiration from the R&B classics. And I think one of Londrelle’s talent, amongst many others, is he uses them as unique influences like I Want to Love You. Then, at his most meditative peak, the sound he produces is almost trance-like. It’s easy to listen to one of Londrelle’s entire album in one sitting.

As a spoken-word poet, Londrelle really understands rhythm and using that to pull his listeners inwards.

The Final Verdict

After listening to You Are Enough, I delved into his discography. With Floral Escape, Sunflower Soul, Eternal Sunshine, Feminine Energy and Feels, Londrelle will guide on a complete meditative journey into a deeper connection with yourself: build self-awareness and cultivate self-love.

He’s, hands-down, my favourite discovery of the year so far. Londrelle is one of a kind: an inspired artist with the spirit of a motivational speaker and entrepreneur. And with that, he’s given us tools to recognize our human side, be better, grow stronger, and love ourselves, and each other, harder.

I am most able to connect with the hearts and mind of many because I am in constant attunement with myself and the greater Self. — Londrelle, on his message and connection behind his works.

This song resonates with me because, for the last two years, I’ve been working on myself.

In solitude, I’ll remind myself to take a deep breath and work through whatever I’m going through. My closest friend constantly reminds me that the only way to the other side is through — choosing to let go of what’s no longer serving me before moving forward.

But nonetheless — through, we’ll go together.

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Annie Ngu is the co-founder of the Women United Project, a writer and a Lead UI/UX designer at EnergyX. She lives in Toronto, ON spending so much money on streaming services that she doesn’t even remember the total number of subscriptions. She’s on Twitter @AnnieNgu


An ironic publication on self, literature, film, art and…

Annie Ngu

Written by

Annie Ngu

Eye of a Designer. Writer. Co-founder of Women United Project. Check out my debut co-authored book, #WomenLetsRise


An ironic publication on self, literature, film, art and tech, and music.

Annie Ngu

Written by

Annie Ngu

Eye of a Designer. Writer. Co-founder of Women United Project. Check out my debut co-authored book, #WomenLetsRise


An ironic publication on self, literature, film, art and tech, and music.

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