7 Cool Telegram Messenger App Tricks

With 100 million Active users across Android and iOS and 350 thousand users signing up every day as of February 2016. Telegram, one of the most used instant messenger app founded by the people behind VK Russia’s biggest social networking site focuses mainly on privacy of its users and speed. This cloud-based messenger app separates itself from all other instant messaging apps with features like instant sync throughout all the available platforms. Here are 10 Cool Telegram Messenger App tricks That Telegram user wouldn’t want to miss.

1.Creating your own Gifs

Telegram has made it very easy for its users to create simple Gifs and share then in their chats.

To Do it: Click on the “Attach File” > select the “Video” option and record your reaction

After Recording the video hit “Save” > trim the video to the desired size and click the “mute” button. The video will be looped into an animated Gif and is ready to share.

2.Photo editor for more beautiful pictures

You don’t need a photo editor app to send amazing pictures to you friends and family, you can do it right in the Telegram app itself. With the friendly user interface, it is really easy. You can also use Telegram Masks which will be positioned in the right place on the picture you have selected.

To edit your photos before you send: Click on the “Attach File” > Select the “Camera” option and click the desired photo and you will be taken to the Photo Editor, Here you can Crop the picture, Adjust the Exposure, Contrast, Brightness and Doodle.

3.Play Games in the App

With Telegram launching Bot API to developers there are loads of people porting their HTML 5 games to telegram and some companies even developing game bots. You can play some of the most popular games like Piano Tiles, Flappy Bird and 2048 in HTML format.

To play games: Search for any “Game Bot” > Press “Start” >Select “Games” > Select game of your choice.

3.Send Muted Messages

It’s late in the night and you want to say something to your friend but you don’t want to disturb them, Telegram lets you send muted messages through channels and the friend will receive the message but will not be notified. This feature comes in handy in many situations.

Here’s How to send muted messages:

Click on “Hamburger Icon” on the top left corner > Select “New Channel” > Name your channel and confirm > you can either make the channel “Private” or “Public

  • Add the recipients from the list or by searching their username > Type your message and click the “Bell” Icon and Send.

5.Self-destruct messages on secret Chats.

Sometimes you don’t want to leave evidence about something stupid you are about to say, you can do that using self-destruct messages on secret chats by setting the timer.

To set the timer for self-destruction: Click “New Secret Chat” > “Add Recipients” > Click on “timer” icon on the top > select the time duration. The message will disappear after the set period of time.

6.Use Telegram without Phone Number

Telegram offers you a choice to whom your number should be visible but if you’re paranoid like me who doesn’t want to put their mobile number there is a way to use Telegram with your phone number. By using an app called primo.

To use telegram with primo: Download “Primo” app from google play or App Store

  • Click on “create account” > Enter your username, email, password and phone number and hit sign up > Click on “Add phone number” > use the phone number displayed on the screen to sign up for telegram > receive the call through primo app and enter the verification code and you are done.

7.Terminate active sessions

If someone stole your phone or your friend took it and you don’t want him to see the sensitive information in your chat page. You can terminate all the active session with just one click using desktop, mac, Linux or web client.

To terminate all active sessions: Go to “settings” > select “privacy and security”> select “active sessions” > select the session you want to terminate > hit “ok”.

You can also terminate all the sessions by clicking “Terminate all other Sessions”.

With so many cool features that are unique to Telegram, it surely has grabbed enough attention in both Android and ios communities. With immense growth rate, this cloud-based instant messaging app is going to give the front runners a stiff competition with its security and privacy features.