A doodle a day using an iPad Pro Jr. , Apple Pencil, & Procreate

I bought an iPad Pro 9.7"(AKA iPad Pro Jr.) and an Apple Pencil last spring (2016). The Pencil lay totally unused (only occasionally remembering to charge it every month or so) until the beginning of this year when I took on a New Year Resolution to spend up to 15 minutes per day to create a daily doodle. After looking at a number of drawing apps, I settled on Procreate for $5.99 (I think I paid $4.99 on a sale day).

Two months and 61 doodles later, I’m really getting my money’s worth from the Apple Pencil (I also bought the Pencil by 53 but can’t figure out how to draw with it — I think I’m spoiled by trying Apple’s Pencil first). And Procreate is certainly worth much more than its Starbucks grande sized frappuccino price point. One of the interesting things about the app is that there are numerous well-done video tutorials on YouTube to quickly learn about one of the app’s many features.

Today’s doodle is a tribute to observe Dr. Seuss’ 113th birthday.