Migrating custom domain email to Microsoft Outlook.com Premium: Good. But, there’s a gotcha

Several years ago, after getting tired of restoring my OgasaWalrus website several times due to multiple self-hosted WordPress hacks, I emptied the site but kept the web hosting service active because I had several email addresses tied to that domain. And, it cost more (for example $5 per month per address using Google Mail’s custom domain feature) if you have three or more email addresses.

Recently, however, Microsoft launched its Outlook.com Premium service with a special initial price of $20 per year ($40/year after March 2017) for up to five email addresses and up to five users. So far, it is working reasonably well for me although I’ve read comments from others that they don’t like the fact that the five email addresses per account is tied to a single Inbox (you could work around this using filters). However, that’s not the “gotcha” I mentioned in the subject line.

The gotcha is that if you also obtain your domain name through Microsoft (for a small additional fee), you cannot use this domain for a website. It can only be used for your email address. The workaround requires a bit more effort but is easy to do: Register your domain name elsewhere and use it with Outlook.com Premium.

So, here I am with my email pointed to Outlook.com Premium and the OgasaWalrus.com domain pointed to Medium. If you would like to literally “hear” more about this, Jon Westfall and I discussed this recently in our MobileViews Podcast linked below.

MobileViews Podcast 195: Migrating to Microsoft Outlook.com Premium experience