More retro technology doodling: Pencil & paper

Sep 12, 2020 · 2 min read
Amazon Basics pencil kit

After my previous experiment of using an ink pen with paper for doodling (instead of an iPad), I took another retro tech step and bought a pencil kit from Amazon for $7.99 (unfortunately, this kit appears to be sold out since shortly after I received mine).

So far, I’ve only used the №2 pencil. This pencil, being a drawing tool, doesn’t have an eraser on the end. That, however, is ok with me. A doodle doesn’t need to be “perfect.” It is just a doodle.

The kit only has a single 2B pencil. The other gray colored pencils are H, 2H. HB, B, and 3B. The three dark gray/black pencil are charcoal pencils of various hardness. There’s also four regular charcoal sticks of various types, a blending stump, a kneaded erase, a plastic eraser, and a surprisingly good tiny sharpener. The kit doesn’t include a case or pencil stand. So, I built a pencil stand out of LEGO with a LEGO tire at the bottom to protect the pencil lead tip when stored upright (for easy access).

In the nearly four years that I’ve been doodling using an iPad and Apple Pencil, I really came to believe that the experience and output felt and looked like pencil or ink on paper. And, to a large extent, that is true. But, there is definitely a different look and feel to the experience that I’ve learned to appreciate and enjoy in the last few weeks of doodling with a pencil on paper.