Switching from Procreate to Tayasui Sketches Pro for my Doodle-a-Day project on an iPad Pro

2017 Doodle #282 using Tayasui Sketches Pro

I’ve been extremely happy using the amazing Procreate drawing app for iPad since starting my Doodle-a-Day project on Jan. 1, 2017. This personal New Year resolution was to spend up to 15 minutes per day every day drawing a doodle. It was my way of forcing myself to use the Apple Pencil I bought in the spring of 2016 and never used for anything.

I chose to use Procreate because it had great reviews and there were some pretty good video tutorials on YouTube. The only time I didn’t use it was when I was traveling with an iPad mini 4 which doesn’t support Apple Pencil. When traveling I used Tayasui Sketches Pro with either a passive capacitive stylus or the 53 Bluetooth Pencil. It is a nice drawing app. However, I was so invested in Procreate that I switched back to it when at home. Until now…

Unfortunately, the recent Procreate 4.0.3 update is completely broken on the 10.5-inch iPad Pro I use for doodling. It crashes after just a few strokes and sometimes won’t even relaunch. After two days of struggling with it and being unable to complete doodles to my satisfaction, I tried using Tayasui Sketches Pro on the iPad Pro. It is the first time I used it with the Apple Pencil. It has quite a different UI and feel from Procreate. But, I’m going to try to learn to use it better until Procreate releases a usable update to its app.

Tayasui Sketches Pro is US$4.99 in the App Store while Procreate is $9.99.