Whitelisting sites for 3rd party cookies to get Microsoft Teams, Google Recorder, & other web-based apps working again in Chrome

Mar 2 · 2 min read

A bunch of web sites/services that previously worked fine in Chrome on my Chromebook suddenly stopped working a few updates ago (6 months?). I tried turning off a couple of Chrome extensions/add-ons like uBlock Origin and Disable HTML5 Autoplay off to see if they were somehow interacting with Chrome after the update. However, that was not the cause. Being too lazy at the time to do much more detective work, I turned on Chrome OS’ Linux option and installed Microsoft’s Chromium based Edge beta container. That let me use the various services quickly without more detective work.

I decided to look into the problem more tonight (finally). Here’s what I learned (remembered):

  • One of the Chrome/Chrome OS updates late last year turned on the Block third party cookies option as a default (probably sometime around or after Chrome 83).
  • You can’t choose anything less than block all third party cookies
  • However, you can whitelist sites using wildcards for subdomains. E.g., [*.]microsoft.com. Doing this let the web version of Microsoft Teams work in the Chrome browser again. I had to do the same thing for [*.]google.com to try the new recorder.google.com site that works with the Android Recorder audio recording with transcription feature.


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