“Until carrying around NFTs in a digital wallet becomes commonplace for everyone, we are still living history”

CEO and co-founder of ST6 Ventures and OG:CR DAO board member @SeefoodNFT on inevitable truth, bringing maturity to the blockchain and living history.

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3 min readJul 7, 2022


☻ Who are you?

I grew up on the West Coast in Seattle but spent time living in Europe and Asia as a kid before settling down in NYC after college.

In college, I studied politics and philosophy — while not exactly vocational, those studies have definitely helped guide me through both my professional and personal life. I’ve always been a problem solver, who likes to think about solutions — anything from fixing a mechanical part to conceptualizing process-based approaches to efficiency.

☻ How do you see the future of the crypto world and NFT art?

I am a big believer in the idea that NFTs and blockchain are unstoppable forces. That the pure rational sense of the construct represents an inevitability. And like most innovations that represent an inevitable truth, the initial hype leads to a parabolic overshoot. Navigating through it can, and will be, full of pitfalls.

So what’s next? Those that have done the work to bring maturity to the application layers — NFTs as proof of ownership, the blockchain as a sort of decentralized recalibration of the talent supply chain, and DAOs as action catalysts, collectives, and possibly even digital democracies — those people will help to define how this technology will serve us all in the future. This is the work I am inspired to do. The future I want to be a part of. As long as we are motivated to find solutions, we can build better.

☻ What made you come to the crypto world and invest in NFT-art?

I started looking into the blockchain around 2015–16, but it wasn’t until 2021 that I really got involved. I asked a friend, how to learn more, and he pointed me to discord: “Hop onto some servers and just ask a ton of questions”. He pointed me towards DAO’s, a great place to find knowledgeable people in the space. The first-ever web3 server I joined was for a DAO called ApeDao. It was on that server that I discovered OG: Crystals as a referral by a member of the DAO. This was before Shill channels became spam — back then, they were often great ways to discover new projects.

The OG: CR discord was a bit of a wonderland for me. I arrived there super early and got to see a community form out of thin air. There were so many complexities from both the project level and the community level. As I got involved in the community more and more, the interconnection between discord structure, community, and the project became inextricably entwined.

The idea that decisions had to be made and the conditions surrounding those decisions would have a fundamental impact on the outcome of the art and, by extension, the project itself, was fascinating. It meant that the final artwork would become a piece of NFT history. We were living it in real time, but when you reflect back on it, you realize just how historic a moment it was. And really, until carrying around NFTs in a digital wallet becomes commonplace for everyone, we are still living history.




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