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2 min readMar 28, 2024

This piece is part of OGP Horizons, a series from OGP that explores topics at the cutting edge of open government. OGP Horizons aims to capture open government innovations from around the world to tackle today’s biggest challenges — from navigating new technologies to responding to global issues like climate change. Today’s and tomorrow’s problems can not be solved by governments alone — they will require all of us to evolve, together.

Welcome to OGP Horizons! This is a series that will explore the cutting edge of open government. The world’s challenges and opportunities continue to evolve — so too must our solutions.

Governments will play the lead in responding to today’s toughest challenges — but they cannot do it alone. To solve them, we will need open government approaches that expand who is involved in decision-making. We will need to ensure that societies can respond to these challenges in their own ways, with the basic freedoms to organize themselves and to inform official processes.

In the coming months, we will cover topics as diverse as:

  • How artificial intelligence will affect the right to information
  • How transparency can help us use global supply chains for good
  • How public participation can accelerate greenhouse gas mitigation and climate adaptation
  • The state of evidence in deliberative democracy
  • How governments can ensure that virtual assets do not increase money laundering and kleptocracy

Some of these will be short pieces with the aim of informing a more general audience or summarizing existing resources. Others may be first attempts at developing guidance for OGP action plans, building on the work of OGP’s partners and innovators around the world.

We look forward to your comments and ideas for topics. If you would like to contribute, please contact



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OGP Horizons

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