OGQ Market, Creators’ Choice! What is it?

Shulin Zhao
Feb 18, 2020 · 3 min read

Nowadays, even famous YouTubers can’t get away with copyright issues, and some have ended up with a terminated channel!

Content copyright is increasingly getting attention. Companies and individuals using third-party contents in their business must go through this topic to avoid copyright infringement.

So where can they find images, stickers, and music that won’t put themselves in trouble?

Today, I will introduce OGQ Market to you.

What is OGQ Market?

OGQ market is a social creator platform where everyone can easily become a creator to upload and sell contents. Creators in various fields gather at this platform to communicate directly with fans from around the world. They can even get 70% of revenues from content sales in this market.

In Naver OGQ Market, users can download and buy asset contents from various creators, and easily use them in Naver Blog, Naver Café and so on. More than 38,000 creators have joined the Naver OGQ Market, and the number is expected to exceed 40,000 soon.

In AfreecaTV OGQ Market, users can use purchased asset contents in AfreecaTV’s broadcast channel, comment zone, subscription section, etc. OGQ is also planning to expand the asset content service to TV and VOD channels in AfreecaTV. (AfreecaTV is the top live-video platform in South Korea).

Naver OGQ Market & AfreecaTV OGQ Market

Star Creators in OGQ Market!

There are many star creators in Naver OGQ Market. Let me introduce some of them!

1. YouTuber “Woowakgood” and individual creator “Jen”

YouTuber Woowakgood famous for game-related video contents has a strong character. He has made the most of the right of publicity to earn revenues from image-based stickers created by his fans.

Individual creator Jen has also become popular for her funny hand-drawn stickers.

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2. High-school Creator “Padeng”

High-school-student Padeng’s sticker series have become a hit among members in Naver Café (BBS in Naver), which has strongly established the position of the creator.

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Revenues earned by star creators in Naver OGQ Market

How is OGQ protecting creators’ copyright?

In June 2019, OGQ was selected as the UCI* Registration and Management Agency by the Korean Copyright Commission. (*UCI: Universal Content Identifier. It is a national identification system that attaches a sole and permanent code to each digital content.)

In other words, creators who want to have their copyright protected can upload contents to OGQ Market, where OGQ will assure and protect their copyright through the UCI code system.

To make the revenue-sharing system securer and more transparent, OGQ is also developing block-chain-based environment for creators.

Why are creators gathering at OGQ Markets?

1. Open Platform

Everyone can easily become a creator in OGQ

2. Identity as a Creator

OGQ highlights creators’ identities and support content activities

3. Copyright Protection

OGQ takes the lead in copyright protection of contents

4. Direct Communication with Fans

Creators can communicate directly with fans through instant messages and the comment zone in OGQ

Functions and structures of OGQ Market

OGQ in 2020, what to expect?

In 2020, OGQ aims to focus on market expansion, so that creators in current OGQ asset content markets can meet with fans from around the world.

With OGQ’s great attempts and philosophy, we can expect a cross-border content feast as well as a satisfying environment for creators!

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OGQ Corp

OGQ connect creators with fans!

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