What’s New about Naver OGQ Market 2.0?

Shulin Zhao
Oct 11 · 3 min read

Recently, OGQ launched a new version of its social creator platform in partner with the Korean web portal giant Naver, Naver OGQ Market 2.0.

The market’s inclusive nature as a multi-content platform is appealing to creators in various fields. Over 50 thousand creators are actively uploading their creative contents to this Market, including emojis, stickers, images, illustrations, coloring pages, music and so on.

Today, let’s explore what’s new about the Naver OGQ Market 2.0.

Modern Design and Sleek Layout

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Homepage of Naver OGQ Market 2.0

The Welcome Page gives a sense of freshness in the first place. Applied as the concept color, the Radiant Green not only caters to the taste of its young consumers, but also emphasized the dynamic image of the OGQ brand.

Echoed with this modern style is the sleek website layout. The enlarged whitespace between units and smart navigation make key items such as the content and the creator nickname more conspicuous, therefore effectively enhanced the Call-to-action(CTA).

The Brand New “Story Zone”

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Story Zone: Creators Share Stories and Display Contents

The “Story” section is one of the major updates in function. It is a display window for creators to communicate with fans and promote their creative contents.

Nowadays, when most content platforms dominate the tone and the communication channel to enhance the platform value, creators have to turn to social media such as Instagram and Facebook to market for themselves. However, OGQ takes creators’ personal reputation and development as priority, and believes creator-friendly platforms will stand out among competitors in the end.

In the new Story Zone, OGQ’s creators can have their own feature pages to share how they start to be a creator, talk about what inspires them to create, and give suggestions to other art lovers. Creators can also display content thumbnails attached with links, which will directs viewers to the content detail page.

Exclusive sticker and GIF service for Naver Communities

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Use OGQ Stickers in Naver Cafe and Naver Blog (online communities)

After users buy stickers and images from Naver OGQ market, they can use these contents in Naver’s online communities.

Naver is the top web portal in South Korea with a variety of information sources including online forums and blogs, where users discuss topics, share posts, or comment on others. Members in these online communities are actively using funny stickers to strengthen their personality and make communication fun.

OGQ’s position as the exclusive sticker provider of Naver’s online communities has been a driving force of Naver OGQ Market’s growth. After this update, OGQ’s sticker and GIF contents will be accessible to a wider range of Naver’s service sources, which can predict a stable growth in the sales of this content category.

Thank you for taking your time to read this article.

Now you can explore Naver OGQ Market 2.0 by yourself.

I look forward to your feedback and suggestions!

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