Oh, Brother!
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Oh, Brother!


We hid around the corner in the living room. Our breathing was quiet, our positions stock-still. Our attention was focussed on our mother, at the kitchen sink, washing up the pots and pans from dinner. A quick peek around the edge of the wall showed that she was almost done.

I was 11, my brother a couple years younger, and it was mid-August before school started. We made up our own games, as we always had, to keep ourselves occupied and amused — particularly when it was more comfortable to be indoors than outside in the oppressive heat of late Summer.




Diversions and collections – The adventures of two brothers in the mid-1970s [FAL:55]

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David Laulainen

David Laulainen

I write about how small achievable changes to everyday habits can have bigger global impact. Stories: medium.com/oh-brother

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