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Oh, Brother!

On the Dole

Product placement has always been a part of many a corporate strategy to get goods and services recognized and top-of-mind, from daytime television shows originally sponsored by US soap manufacturers to fast food characters in bright, cartoonish costumes.

And so, somehow my brother and I received the ultimate take-home promotion: branded tropical fruit pillows from Dole Food Company. Where did they come from? Who knows? But they were life-changing, whether our parents realized their impact or not.

My brother got a stuffed banana — a decent size, actually — that was about the length…




Diversions and collections – The adventures of two brothers in the mid-1970s [FAL:55]

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David Laulainen

David Laulainen

I write about how small achievable changes to everyday habits can have bigger global impact. Stories: medium.com/oh-brother

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