Oh, Brother!
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Oh, Brother!


My brother and I had a division of chores. My job was to take out the garbage (because of course it was), clean the kitty litter box, and vacuum all the floors. My brother’s job was to unload the dishwasher and take out the compost (he was younger, so had less to do).

The compost heap was out behind the garage, adjacent to the garden, which my dad championed for as long as we lived in that house. He planted all kinds of things: squash, corn, beans, melons, potatoes — most of which he would harvest himself.




Diversions and collections – The adventures of two brothers in the mid-1970s [FAL:55]

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David Laulainen

I write about how small achievable changes to everyday habits can have bigger global impact. Stories: medium.com/oh-brother

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