This bridge in Koshikawa Korakuen Garden reminded me of the art featured in Studio Ghibli films.

Tokyo Travels: Koshikawa Korakuen


Koshikawa Korakuen Garden was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. Built in the Edo period by the Mito Tokugawa clan, it is one of the oldest Japanese gardens in Tokyo. Using ponds, hills, trees and stones, the garden is meant to replicate famous landscapes of both Japanese and Chinese scenery. The deliberate placement of each feature takes visitors on a scenic tour of the senses. As hidden ponds and trees reveal themselves with each step forward down the winding path, the sense of beauty and tranquility remains.

A refreshing escape from modern Tokyo despite its proximity to Tokyo Dome.
This is a photo of the same pond taken from a different angle.
The Asiatic soft-shelled turtle. Some people feed the animals but it’s highly discouraged. I wouldn’t recommend it.

I loved seeing all the animals that live in the gardens. There were lots of koi and turtles (such as red-eared sliders and Asiatic soft-shelled turtles). There was even a small family of ducks (with really fluffy ducklings) waddling around.

A really beautiful map.

Koshikawa Korakuen is just a short walk from Iidabashi Station or alternatively, the Korakuen Station. Open from 9AM-5PM, this is definitely a scenic stop you won’t want to miss. We happaneed to go on Greenery Day (May 4th) so entrance was free! However on a regular day, keep in mind that there is a small entrance fee of 300 yen — a small price to pay for breathtaking photos!

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