Scarlet: A Review

Lunar Chronicles: Book Two: By Marissa Meyer

Scarlet is book two in the Lunar Chronicles following Cinder, by Marissa Meyer. This book was such a rip-roaring ride through an incredibly imaginative world. Even though this is the second novel in the series, I still can’t get over how the author took such simple fairy tales and has created such an elaborate futuristic world.

This series doesn't have the same creepy feel that most other dystopian books have. You know, where a small part of you thinks that it could actually happen in the future. That sometimes our society and our world seems so messed up that some crazy politician might try to convince the world that creating a sense of control and order is the only way, and call it “surviving”.

Meyers books are so beautiful and creative, they really do read like new-age fairy tales. Reading each line I have a little sense of hope that there will be a “Happily Ever After” at the end of the series. That Cinder, Kai, Scarlet, Wolf and Thorne will have the ending they want instead of the rough realistic endings of say Hunger Games or Divergent.

In this particular story, I really fell in love with Wolf and Scarlet’s relationship, but I’m a sucker for people that cant express their feelings, so they show them impulsively instead. I’m a big fan of Scarlet’s wild personality and love how Meyer paired Wolf, who’s obviously wild by name and genetics but trying to fight his natural wild side, with someone like Scarlet. Cinder and Thorne’s relationship was a nice contrast, with their snarky sarcasm but you could tell they had both decided they were on this insane mission together and were making the best of it. Thorne is a very likable character and the comic relief element in the novel for sure but I’m guessing we’ll see his more heroic side in later novels. I did also enjoy how this novel ended in a more peaceful place whereas the first in the series ended on a cliffhanger.

I look forward to reading Cress: Book Three, which is out now and then Fairest: Levana’s Story, coming in January 2015.

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