Lessons from a child with chubby fingers.

I have a book called Children’s Letters to God. It contains all these cute letters that mostly seem to be written in crayon and were most likely written on very thick construction paper. As humorous as this may sound they are actually quite insightful pieces in to the subjects of faith and hope.

One in particular that struck me was a letter from a little boy named Elliott. That name in and of itself strikes me as it was being written by a little boy age 5–7 with his chubby little fingers wrapped around his blue crayon. As a little boy my favorite color was blue so I assume thats his favorite too. He has a little cowlick as all little boys named Elliott do and he is wearing a shirt with vertical stripes.

I digress.

In this adorable little pudge of a kids letter to God he rights

Dear God,
‘’ I think about you sometimes even when I am not praying.”

A child of 5–7 thinks about God even when he is not praying.

He is thinking of school when he is at home, lunch and recess when he is at school, and playing with his dog when he gets home. He is even thinking about what toy he will ask his parents for his birthday.

Even with as busy of a schedule that this Elliott has he still has time to think of God. He may think to himself, “Thank you God for this beautiful day” or even “Thank you God we are having Mac and Cheese for lunch.” When was the last time that we thought of God even when it was to ask or thank for something as frivolous as noodles that are better used for art projects and orange ‘cheese’ powder.

In our busy lives we forget to thank Him for all that he has done. We forget to even think about him in passing. Was the last time you thought of God was when you were praying??

If you answered yes to that question as I did when I first read the page in my book lets all take a lesson from the kid with chubby fingers and add a little more time to think of God.

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