Started by heading to Bocas del Toro via the bus. Border hoping and crazy drivers that sums up the drive. Once in Bocas I found Mondo Taitu, made new yogi friends during the border crossing had drinks and dinner with them later that evening.

Crossing into Panama

Next day met them for breakfast and went to red frog beach. Spent the day there swimming and then at night dinner at their place on the water.

Saturday we had private boat take us around, saw Dolphins and ran into my Brazilian friends from la Fortuna on Zapatilla island. That evening grabbed dinner on my own but went out with new friends from the hostel. Water taxi over to Aqua, then late night snuck into the dock/ hammock of the friends to watch lighting and thunder until 3:30 am.

Me & two of the yogis

Sunday hung with new friends and went back to red frog beach for the day. Low key evening met the yogis for a drink but ate at the taco shop of the San Diego people I met the night prior.

Monday headed to lost and found hostel, enjoyed some great sunsets their and they had a pet rescued honey bear.

At Lost and Found made new friends from Netherlands, Texas people and girl from NC + Brit/NY girl and the Canadiens. Chatted with them late night

Tuesday spend the day doing the treasure hunt, long hiking but good fun. All told it was probably 6 hours.

Treasure hunt crew (Jing, Val, Tamara, Alex, Hannah, Noemie)

Wednesday went to explore a local coffee farm with my friends.

Thursday headed towards Panama City but en route stopped to swim at this cool gorge area where some local kids were spear fishing. The group decided to take a selfie when I was swimming back through the gorge post jump with my “bug” face since I kept getting pestered by then the day/night prior at the lost and found lodge. We had a fun time passing a hour or two there before heading out for our longer bus ride.

Noemie and Valerie jumping
Their Ryan’s Bug face in honor of me being attacked the night prior non-stop

Friday exploded ciudad de Panama a bit. Alex and Jing had found a cool local brewery the day prior so we spent a little time there before heading out on the town for a little in the evening as I fly out tomorrow.

Exploring Panama City, Good time for a selfie

Off to Cuba next!!

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